Content Writer Cover Letter Example

May 31, 2019

With increasing competition in the job market, standards of effective content writer cover letters are consistently being elevated.

Therefore, you will need to build a compelling cover letter for a content writer resume in order to get success.


Content Writer Cover Letter Writing Tips

• Read the content writer job description very carefully before writing your cover letter.

• Explain what makes you an ideal candidate for the content writing job.

• Be concise and specific.

• Mention your relevant experience and cut out irrelevant details of your career history.


• Support the information provided in your resume – do not repeat it.

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Content Writer Cover Letter Example


Jessica Fielder
711 Rocky Cove, Houston, TX 56422
(000) 248-1012

May 31, 2019

Mr. Paul Edward
HR Manager
KEYW Corporation
67 Jerry Lane
Houston, TX 56422


Dear Mr. Edward:

– Are you looking for an experienced content writer who can make a significant difference to your company’s new and existing content?

– Could you use someone who has formal SEO training and creative writing skills?

– Do you require the services of a dedicated content professional who has a track record of creating 100% original and compelling content on a variety of topics?

If yes, then my resume will definitely interest you. Having worked for 3+ years as a Content Writer and writing mostly for travel, healthcare, and educational blogs, I am now ready to write compellingly on any topic.

Some features of my profile are highlighted below for your consideration:

• Exceptional talent for producing error-free, grammatically creative content on any given topic.

• Solid knowledge of modern search engine optimization techniques and requirements.

• Familiar with hyperlinking and web publishing protocols.

• Adept at editing and proofreading content.

• Exceptional leadership skills with demonstrated ability to lead a team of content writers effectively.

• Track record of producing a high number of high-quality articles under strict time constraints.

I work best when I fully understand my employer’s expectations, which is why I would like to meet with you in an interview. Please call me at (009) 333-1012 at your earliest to set up an interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jessica Fielder

Jessica Fielder



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