Track Worker Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: July 22, 2016

Interviews are those horrific times when we become unsure of ourselves even though we are the best at what we do!

How do you get rid of the jitters? For starters, an interview is no ghost waiting to pounce on you. It is an opportunity that lets you take a peek into your inner self. A failed interview is not a failure.

Think of interviews as a key to the future – you fail one and you will know exactly what it was that you did wrong and won’t fail again! Let us help you out with these interview questions and answers set for a track worker position:


Track Worker Interview Questions and Answers

What have been your specific duties as a track worker in the past?
As a track worker, I have been actively involved in inspecting tracks to determine need for maintenance and repair, setting up sites for installation of new tracks and cutting and installing track lengths.

What skills are required to work as a track worker?
Apart from knowing how to fashion rail tracks according to standardized specifications and the ability to install them correctly, one has to be able to perform maintenance on tracks to ensure train safety. Additionally, physical dexterity is of great importance as one has to perform a lot of laborious work, often in extreme cold or heat.

What specific measures do you take to ensure that railroad accidents are minimized?
I work towards ensuring that railroad accidents never happen. I make sure that tracks are sturdy enough to handle traffic, get rid of brush and plants that may hinder smooth running, maintain switches and lights properly and install warning signs where appropriate.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?
Due a traffic control error, there were two trains just 10 miles from collision, near the station that I worked for. Since I am a quick thinker, I immediately took matters into my own hand and quickly changed track direction, about half a mile before collision. I consider this my biggest achievement as I saved many lives.

What is your modus operandi when performing inspection checks?
I rely mostly on my eyesight but to back it up, I do use inspection tools and equipment. For a seasoned track worker like me, it is often easy to spot problems and resolve them immediately.

How do you feel about working in a crew environment?
Track work is team-dependent, mostly because of the expanse of the work area. I love working as part of a crew as it provides not only assistance in actual work processes but gives insight into the work. Often, we have to work in inclement weather conditions on lonely spots, so it is great to have someone to talk to and take suggestions from!