Track Worker Resume Sample

Updated on: July 23, 2016

A resume’s lifeline depends on how well you write the main content.

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So putting your best foot forward when writing a resume is imperative.

As an aspiring track worker, it is up to you to highlight your capabilities to do a job. Here is how you can do this:



Track Worker Resume Sample


Henry Willis

23 1st Street W ● Cowen, WV 00121 ● (000) 141-4754 ● henwil @email .com


Summary: Committed and dexterous Track Worker with first-hand experience in installing and renewing track, tunnels, embankments and level crossings. Proficient in inspecting, repairing and maintaining railway tracks, bridges and tunnels. A personable individual who has a pleasant personality and works well with coworkers. Effectively clears worksites and performs site surveys to identify maintenance and repair needs.

Skills & Competencies

• Track Measuring • Preventative Maintenance • Surveying
• Power and Hand Tools • Trackside Operations • Damage Control
• Foundation Laying • Dials Manipulation • Troubleshooting
• Track Dismantling • Rail Ties Installation • Workplace Safety

• Prevented a potential train collision by quickly changing rail tracks in time during an incident that transpired due to a track traffic control error
• Constructed an entire rail track spanning 30 miles within the short time period of 15 days
• Implemented ground rules for workplace safety, resulting in 95% fewer workplace accidents and injuries
• Dismantled an old track between two small towns within the record time of 54 days, just in time for the new one to be installed


Track Worker
Transit Operators, Cowen, WV | 11/2010 – Present

• Examine existing tracks to determine need for repair and maintenance and provide feedback to the supervisor
• Clear sites by removing debris and hazardous materials to make them ready for new track installations
• Install new tracks by laying and fixing foundations and sleepers for tracks
• Cut rails to appropriate lengths prior to installation and ensure that they conform to set standards
• Remove damaged rail parts and ensure that new ones are installed within given timelines
• Maintain switch signal lamps and wheel bearings of rolling stock and assist with righting of derailed rolling stock
• Inspect tracks for defects using a variety of tools and equipment, as well as sight checks
• Carry out site surveys to identify maintenance needs of track sections

Assistant Track Worker
Amtrak, Cowen, WV | 2/2005 – 11/2010

• Assisted in performing site surveys to determine need for repair and maintenance on rail tracks
• Provided physical support in cutting tracks to length and installing them properly
• Performed preventative and regular maintenance on rail tracks by following set schedules
• Inspected tunnels, tracks and subways to determine problems or acts of vandalism as part of regular security checks
• Assisted in cutting rail lengths according to specifications and provided logistical support in installing them

High School Diploma – 2004
Cowen High School, Cowen, WV