Track Worker Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 22, 2016

Position Overview

Track workers are hired by railroad companies to perform rail track installation and maintenance duties. Their work is purely physical which is why employers insist on hiring people who are physically dexterous and possess the ability to work in very high or very low temperatures. Most track workers are required to work in shifts that cover days, nights and weekends so it is imperative to be flexible.

Mostly, track workers perform their duties in a crew which is why it is imperative for them to be able to get along with people from different backgrounds. Ability to operate and maintain spike-driving machines and bulldozers, and hand tools such as picks and shovels is a given in this job. Most track workers learn their work on the job, so actual training is not really required.

Job Requirements

Eligibility criteria of a track worker is a high school diploma or a GED at the very least. If you have worked as an apprentice on rail tracks, you will know most of the work that is performed and will be considered a good choice to hire. Mostly, track workers are hired at the entry level, although some companies may also want to hire experienced people to minimize training cost and time.

Track Worker Job Description for Resume

• Inspect track lengths to determine need for repair or maintenance and provide feedback to foreman or supervisor
• Clear sites by removing debris and hazardous materials in a bid to prepare site for new track installations
• Install and renew tracks, tunnels and embankments, by paying special attention to standards and specifications
• Measure tracks to ensure that sections are correct distance from each other and are installed at the correct height
• Inspect each track length for defects or non-conformities using a combination of eyesight and equipment checks
• Carry out site surveys to determine need for maintenance and repair and report any accidents or incidents immediately
• Lay down rail track sections and secure them in place and assist in subway maintenance and installation
• Determine deviations in tracks to ensure train safety and remove brush and other vegetation from rail tracks
• Lubricate joints, angle bars and switches to ensure that they remain in perfect working conditions
• Correct derailed rolling stocks and ensure that all wheel bearings are in proper working condition
• Document all repair and maintenance activities and procure supplies and equipment required for each track activity
• Remove old rail tracks and install new ones and align tie plates and cut rails to specified lengths