Social Worker Cover Letter

Updated on December 1, 2017

Overview and Guidelines

There is only one way in which a social worker cover letter can be written to bring results, and that is by creating interest in it.

Although it is important to provide hiring managers with good enough reasons to hire you, including how much you admire the company, it is best to do this by exercising caution.

A cover letter for social worker position can go horribly wrong if the writer does not pay attention to what is being written in it.

Incorrect or irrelevant content can kill your chances of impressing a prospective employer. What works best is if you chart out exactly what makes you “hirable” and then build up on your skills as much as you can. As long as you do not sound selfish, you’re on the right track.

Sample cover letter for social worker resume ahead for your perusal:


Social Worker Cover Letter Sample



854 West Ave
New Orleans, LA 41744

November 1, 2017

Mr. Charles Boyd
Human Resource Manager
Premier Health Partners
130 Clara Street
New Orleans, LA 55250


Dear Mr. Boyd:

I learned about your need for a Social Worker with great interest, as my skills and competencies match your requirements almost exactly.

My work as a social worker at The Helping Hands has earned me quite a reputation where providing my clients with best possible services is concerned. I know that mere counseling is not the only aspect of working as a social worker, and that it involves a much broader set of responsibilities.

I have spent the last 10 years liaising between my clients and social services, and have been mostly successful in providing my clients with the help and services that they need. With a great ability to assess people to determine their backgrounds, and a knack for deciphering underlying causes for concern (such as physical and drug abuse and domestic violence), I can bring results immediately. Possessing a calm and kind nature, my clients are automatically drawn to me, allowing for ease and efficacy of counseling.

Providing advocacy for services and testimonies on behalf of my clients in courts of law are my niches. If you would like your organization to benefit from my expertise in a social worker role, I suggest we should meet in person to further discuss this.

Thank your for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.



Veronica Frank

(000) 415-8585

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