Financial Analyst Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 25, 2023

When writing a cover letter for a financial analyst position, keep in mind the following things through which employers scrutinize applicants:

• Your knowledge about the company and what you can offer them.

• Your sense of self–confidence, pride, and honesty.

• How clearly and accurately do you present your relevant skills and abilities?

• Your accomplishments and achievements.

Have a look at the following sample cover letter for a better idea.

Financial Analyst Resume Cover Letter Example

Donald K. Tucker
2600 NW Avenue
Canton, Ohio 44709
(000) 199-4997

January 25, 2023

Ms. Jennifer Samuel
Hiring Executive
Johnson Controls
JCIM- Frenchtown 2
Monroe, MI 41201

Dear Ms. Samuel:

I am very interested to work as a Financial Analyst for Johnson Controls. My qualifications match your organization’s requirements because I am an assertive and self-directed individual who is driven by details and deadlines. It will be a privilege working for such a great company holding a leading position in Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s annual ratings for “100 Best Companies” in 2021.

I am an enthusiastic finance professional with a wide range of experiences in financial operations and analysis. My job at Raytheon as a finance expert focused on in-depth labor and material analysis along with cost and budget forecasting. I have demonstrated expertise in monitoring and analyzing performance compared to the budget forecast and the preceding year’s performance ensuring management and customer satisfaction.

Increased use of financial software has made it easier and simpler for me to process financial reports, accounting journals, and payrolls. Besides teamwork, I can work independently using my strong analytical, problem-solving, and mathematical skills. Moreover, I am a fast learner and welcome any opportunity to learn new business or financial systems.

My resume is enclosed herewith which will provide you with details of my skills and qualifications. I will be grateful to have the opportunity to meet with you shortly so that we can discuss prospects for the job. If you require any further information, feel free to contact me at (000) 199-4997 or via email at [Email Address].

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Donald K. Tucker
(000) 199-4997