Social Worker Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: April 11, 2018

Many of us do not work towards preparing well for an interview. No wonder we don’t ace them!

If you go through the following set of interview questions and answers for a social worker assistant position, you will know exactly how to handle the interview process:




Social Worker Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

What made you choose to work in social services?
I believe that work is well done when satisfaction comes in. And since I am an individual who gets a great high by helping people out, working as a social worker assistant made sense to me.

What activities have you been involved in while working as a social worker assistant?
While working as a social worker assistant, I have been busy supporting the creation and implementation of social care plans, assisting social workers by interviewing clients, and documenting their histories, making home visits to ensure that social service plans are being carried out properly, assess clients’ situation to determine causes for concern, setting up appointments with helping agencies, and handling records management work.

What is one of the main things that you look out for a while working as a social worker assistant?
I believe that it is important to keep the anonymity of clients sacred. Since most clients are already in quite a state of upset, it is not fair to them if word gets out about their conditions. Keeping all client-related information confidential is one thing that I take very seriously.

As a social worker assistant, how involved have you been in care planning?
I have been quite deeply involved in planning care programs for clients. This includes providing information of clients’ conditions, building upon assessments, and assisting social workers in creating plans that meet the specific needs of each client.

How do you make sure that you don’t get emotionally involved with your clients?
I must say that this part of the work is challenging. Initially, I did get emotionally involved with many clients, feeling their pain on a very high level. However, I have now trained myself to be compassionate, but to stay detached.

What type of skills does one need to work in social services?
I believe that apart from knowing the work inside out, it is imperative to possess in-depth knowledge of how the human mind works. Exceptional analytic abilities, along with a high capability to assess clients on different levels is essential. So is the capacity of reaching out to clients who may be reluctant or embarrassed to talk about their problems. Additionally, it is important to be compassionate and kind, as these go a long way in making a care plan successful.