Social Worker Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: June 28, 2020

Resumes for social worker positions are not just storytellers. There is a lot more to them than a candidate’s professional storyline.

While that is what they are mostly used for, they actually tell a hiring manager all that he needs to know about the different things that your professional profile is based on.

Providing hints of your skills and qualifications, education and experience is the main idea behind writing one.

A resume template is provided below for your reference:

Social Worker Resume Example

Marcy Collins
15 Greg Road, New Orleans, LA 66525
(000) 254-9214
marchcoll @email . com


15+ years’ track record of success working with a wide variety of groups such as the elderly, clients with learning and physical disabilities, young offenders, and homeless people. Competent at conducting interviews with individuals and their families to assess and review their situations, and provide the required assistance.

• Exceptionally talented in planning and coordinating activities to help the clients deal with difficulties and overcome dependencies
• Highly skilled in interviewing clients to assess their current conditions, needs, strengths, and weaknesses
• Well-versed in addressing each case as a unit and creating measurable goals/aims for it
• Proven ability to monitor and evaluate clients’ progress and ensure that required modifications are provided

✓ Client Assessment
✓ Monitoring and Evaluation
✓ Community Services
✓ Client Advocacy
✓ Plans Development
✓ Crises Intervention
✓ Goal Setting

• Successfully placed an entire family of 5 in rehabilitation, following a traumatic experience that they had gone through.
• Singlehandedly created a series of plans for victims of drug abuse, which could easily be tailored for individual cases.
• Implemented monitoring and evaluation metrics which were proven to be a great success in assessing situations and individuals.
• Saved a child’s life by recognizing signs of physical and emotional abuse (meted out by his parents) and arranging for social services to intervene immediately.


Social Worker
Nemours Health, New Orleans, LA | 2009 – Present
• Confer with case handlers to determine the nature and type of each assigned case
• Engage clients in conversation to determine their histories and backgrounds
• Assess clients’ situations to decipher threats or limitations that they may be subjected to
• Determine clients’ requirements for social and health services and create and implement correlating plans
• Coordinate efforts with external agencies such as health services and government agencies to ensure the provision of timely services
• Monitor each implemented plan of action to ensure its efficacy and make arrangements for modifications where necessary
• Offer counseling to clients in a bid to help them come to terms with their ordeals and situations
• Create and maintain records of clients in an accurate and confidential manner

Social Worker
Match Education, New Orleans, LA | 2002 – 2009
• Assisted caseworkers in determining clients’ backgrounds and histories
• Provided assistance by recording information elicited during conversations with clients
• Counseled patients to calm them down and help them look at their situations objectively
• Created plans of action based on each client’s specific needs, and ensured that they were timely implemented
• Provided support in obtaining social, community and health services by reaching out to external agencies

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work
New Orleans State University, New Orleans, LA | 2001