Silk Screen Printer Job Description

Updated on: August 31, 2018

Silk Screen Printer Job Description

A silk screen printer is an individual who operates silk screen printers in a production capacity. He or she is expected to be able to work with complex and simple silk screen printing machines and equipment, both manual and automated. The work of a silk screen printer can be complicated or easy, depending on the type of project that he or she has to do.

Silk Screen Printer Qualifications

Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is considered sufficient to work as a silk screen printer. If you have had prior experience in this capacity, there is a huge chance that you will be given great consideration for the position.

While working at this position, you will be expected to handle many diverse work activities, including setting up and calibrating silk screen printing equipment and machines, mixing ink colors, and creating prints in accordance with the requirements of the clients. Great attention to detail, an eye for color, and the ability to work on your feet for long periods of time are required when working as a silk screen printer. In this position, you may be asked to perform screen printing on products such as hoodies, sleeves, shirts, and caps, which is why you need to know most of what there is to know about printing on each surface specifically.

If you are on this page looking for details of what a silk screen printer does, refer to the following list of duties particular to this job:

Silk Screen Printer Duties & Responsibilities

• Study work orders to determine the day’s orders, and find out the complexity of each printing session.
• Set up silk screen printing machines, and ensure that they are properly calibrated at the beginning of the shift.
• Clean and prepare screens and ensure that they are in good working order for the type of work that needs to be done.
• Line up screens in the correct printing order, and ensure that they are secured properly.
• Obtain required inks, and mix colors to derive the right color and shade, according to the specifics of the work order.
• Operate machinery and equipment to perform silk screen printing work, and print samples to check quality.
• Have all printed samples approved from the management, print the order which monitoring the quality of each item.
• Take screens off the press, remove the tape, and ensure that the finished product is properly stored.
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on silk screen printing devices, equipment, and machines.