Printing Press Operator Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: July 29, 2017

Having previously appeared for a dozen or so interviews doesn’t qualify you as an expert.

Each interview that you appear for has a different feel to it.

So the next interview that is scheduled for you will not be the same as the one that you appeared for a while back.

What does this mean? Well, this means that you will need to be exceptionally well-prepared for the coming one!

Since it is an established fact that you cannot possibly depend on previous interview experiences to prepare for future ones, it is best to sit down and contemplate how to ace the one that you are due to appear for.

Practicing answering job-related questions is perhaps the best way of going about it.

Here is a set of interview questions and answers for a printing press operator position:


Printing Press Operator Interview Questions and Answers


As a printing press operator, what have been your main duties in a previous role?
While working as a printing press operator, I have been responsible for a lot of duties including checking the quality and correctness of printing mats, properly handling setups, aligning and fixing mats to printing sleeves, inspecting raw materials to ensure that correct label stocks and inks are being used, controlling levers and buttons to operate press machines, ascertaining that the end product is according to specifications, and performing preventative and general cleanup and maintenance on printing machines and equipment.

What skills set does one need to be able to work successfully at this position?
In order to work successfully as a printing press operator, one has to be exceptionally well-versed in handling printing machines and overseeing production cycles. Additionally, it is imperative to be quality conscious, and possess the ability to handle technical issues in a profound manner. A collaborative working style, with an exceptional ability to self-direct and self-motivate are also prerequisites of working at this position.

What is your take on quality?
I believe that printing quality of the end product is of great importance. I take special measures to ensure that quality is never compromised, and that the end product conforms to established specifications and standards.

Tell us of a time when you came out shining in a difficult situation at the press?
We had a terrible paper jam issue where the main press machine was out of order for 12 hours. Since there was a looming deadline, I had no choice but to work extra shifts on backup machines – that was 22 straight hours of working! But I managed to meet the deadline without compromising on timelines or quality.

What does workplace safety mean to you?
When you are working with machines, safety is something that you cannot compromise on. I make sure that I take all precautionary measures to ensure that no accidents or untoward incidents transpire.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years from now?
I am hoping to work my way up to the position of a printing press manager within the next few years.