Screen Printer Job Description for Resume

Updated: August 30, 2018

Position Overview

The work of a screen printer falls under the broader category of general printing. The basic idea behind hiring a screen printer is to handle the screen printing process, ensuring that each level is appropriately carried out and that all procedures are correctly handled.

The duties of a screen printer include designing screen prints, preparing stencils, mixing and loading ink, cleaning and maintaining machines and equipment, and folding and securing screen printed items.

Screen Printer Qualifications

To work as a screen printer, you have to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least. If you have some exposure to printing and designing, you may be considered a good contender to hire at this position. Excellent communication skills and the ability to take and follow orders is all part of the work of a screen printer. A good eye for detail and exceptional skills in handling each process is also required. When working as a screen printer, you will be needed to treat minor troubleshooting and repair work on screen printing machines and equipment, so you have to be somewhat savvy in that area as well. Moreover, working as a screen printer means that you will constantly be on your toes, so physical dexterity and agility are an absolute must.

A list of job duties particular to the position of a screen printer is provided below:

Screen Printer Duties & Responsibilities

• Take and understand work orders for screen printing jobs, and inquire into any further instructions.
• Examine work orders to determine details including quantities to be printed, production timelines, and stock specifications.
• Handle screen preparation processes, such as stretching, screen selection, degreasing, and film emulsion coating.
• Select, mix, and modify ink to be used in machines, and ensure that ink cartridges are properly installed.
• Install and reposition printing plates, and adjust pressure rolls, and machines to improve print quality.
• Perform quality checks throughout the print run, and ensure that quantities have been verified.
• Set up and calibrate screen printing machines and equipment, and ensure that any issues are identified and handled promptly.
• Perform both regular and preventative maintenance on screen printing machines to ensure that it works well throughout the shift.
• Maintain and clean and organized work environment, ensuring that any ink spills are immediately cleaned up.
• Perform minor repair and troubleshooting work on screen printing machines, to ensure that they keep running properly.
• Fold screen printed items safely and neatly, and ensure that they are appropriately stored.