Railroad Conductor Trainee Resume Example

Updated on: April 7, 2022

When it comes to resume writing, candidates are often confused about where to start.

Railroad Conductor Resume writing trends change each year and in order to compete in the present day’s job market, one must build a resume on modern lines.

How to Write a Railroad Conductor Trainee Resume?

Below are three golden rules for effective resumes:

Profile or summary statement has become a basic and mandatory section for resumes. Make sure you top your resume with an impressive performance summary that communicates your professional expertise at a glance.

Core Competencies
Core competencies/areas of knowledge are best presented in a tabulated and bullet form, banking on industry-specific keywords.

Qualifications and Accomplishments
The document must uncover your qualifications and highlight your professional accomplishments.

Below is a railroad conductor trainee resume example for further guidance in this regard.

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Railroad Conductor Trainee Resume Example

Kevin Gilbert
340 Cabana Ave
Houston, TX 45008
(000) 444-3333
kevin @ email . com

Detail-oriented and highly energetic individual with a strong proficiency in track switching from locomotive cabs, caboose, and control towers. Expert in throwing track switches to facilitate car shunting. Competent in coordinating switching orders and activities of locomotive switching crew.

• Reduced train delay rate by 10% through vigilant monitoring of track conditions and efficient reporting of the same
• Designed a 20-page pictorial safety manual which was highly commended by the management
• Enhanced safety compliance of railroad signaling mechanism bringing it in line with revised railroad safety guidelines issued by the federal railroad administration


– Signal Interpretation
– Equipment Inspection
– Brake Wheel Turning
– Signal Relay
– Air Brake Testing
– Railroad Interlocking
– Track Switching
– Coupling Repair
– Freight Inspection
– Engineer Signaling
– Air hose Replacement
– Switch Points Maintenance


Railroad Conductor Trainee
Norfolk Southern Corporation, Houston, TX
(8/2021 – Present)
• Channel and communicate instructions regarding track switching in a clear manner
• Carry out switching and spotting of train cars
• Inspect railroad cars for conformance with federal railroad administration regulations
• Operated track switches and derails for engine routing
• Monitored track conditions and reported any threats to the management
• Completed daily arrival and departure documentation

High School Diploma

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Good manual dexterity and physical stamina
• Thorough understanding of standard railway operating procedures

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