Train Conductor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on November 7, 2015


The importance of research prior to writing a cover letter is something that has been discussed many times. However, no matter how many times it is addressed, it is not enough. Once we become seasoned cover letter writers, we tend to become tardy in our researching efforts. And that is where the downfall begins. When you write a cover letter, research is very important.

First Steps in Train Conductor Cover Letter Writing

• Research the company to which you are applying for. Look for information on its vision and mission and determine the competition
• Highlight the skills and qualifications that you possess which are in sync with the listed qualifications
• Construct a rough draft of your cover letter and ask a friend or advisor to review it for you
• Write the cover letter and read it several times before you decide that it is good to go

Getting Started

• Address the cover letter to a specific individual. Do not depend on a “Dear Sir or Madam” header
• State the position for which you are applying and focus specifically on qualifications that are relevant
• Tailor your cover letter to the needs of the employer

The following cover letter sample for a train conductor position is written along these lines:


Train Conductor Cover Letter Sample


November 7, 2015

Mr. Sean Porter
Hiring Manager
Billings Train Station
290 Miles Avenue
Billings, MT 27382


Dear Mr. Porter:

While researching railroad companies, I discovered an opening on your website for a train conductor. I would like to be considered for this position as I fit the bill for all the requirements that you have posted in the job description.

Specifically, my expertise lies in the following areas:

● Train Operations● Switching Functions
● Electronic Monitoring Devices● Traffic Routing
● Route Scheduling● Emergency Response
● Train and Equipment Inspection● Crew Activities Supervision
● Freight / Cargo Handling● Customer Service

I am long on effort and enthusiasm as far as working as a train conductor is concerned. Anticipating being credited with a big slice of success by performing beyond my best in this role, I invite you to review the accompanying resume. I can safely claim that you will not find an individual who possessing as much exposure to handling signaling duties, combining and separating cars, inspecting cars periodically, examining freight cars for compliance with sealing procedures and verifying accuracy of timekeeping instruments as I do.

I will be in touch with your executive assistant after 5 days to determine a free time slot in your schedule so that we can meet in person. Until then, I am available at (333) 333-3333. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jacob Hunt

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