Train Conductor Resume Sample With Guidelines

Updated on: May 16, 2021

Your train conductor resume should emphasize your strong points while expressing your uniqueness and individuality. Presenting yourself clearly and succinctly is imperative in a resume.

Here are a few commonly asked questions (and their answers) about train conductor resume writing:

1. How long should my resume be?

If you are a recent graduate, confine your resume to one page. If you are experienced, you can go up to three pages, but try to limit it to two.

2. What should I include in my resume?

Apart from obvious information such as name and contact information, your resume should include information regarding your professional profile.

3. How do I name the sections?

You can use the following:

  1. Summary
  2. Core Competencies
  3. Key Accomplishments
  4. Professional Experience
  5.  Education
  6.  Certifications and Licensure

The format should be something like the following:

Sample Resume for Train Conductor Position

Anthony Hayes
2092 Howard Avenue, Billings, MT 23739
(000) 999-3262
tonyhaye @ email . com


Top-performing Train Conductor with a solid track record of efficiently overseeing train crews to ensure timely readiness of the train. Adept at ensuring compliance with train orders, signals, and railroad rules and procedures. Hands-on experience in inspecting all train cars to ensure that they comply with safety instructions. Known to maintain awareness of surrounding areas to determine suspicious activity and ensure that appropriate safety measures are put into place.

• Locomotive Equipment Operations
• Cars Placement
• Public Address System Management
• Freight Handling
• Control Adjustments
• Emergency Response
• Switching Functions
• Signal Handling
• Safety Precautions


Train Conductor
(6/2015 – Present)
• Perform checks on carriages to ensure that they are clean before passengers come on board.
• Ascertain that equipment, doors, and controls are in proper working condition.
• Perform rounds of assigned carriages during journeys to check tickets and travel documents.
• Make announcements over public address systems to ensure that passengers are kept aware of destinations.
• Assist passengers off and on the train in a safe manner.
• Signal engineers to begin train run by following designated signaling protocols.
• Direct and instruct crew members engaged in yard activities to appropriately adjust tracks, couple and uncouple cars, and route inbound and outbound traffic.
• Set warning signs and direct engineers to move cars to fit into planned train configurations.
• Maintain records of train schedules and handle switch orders, waybills, and shipping records to handle cargo.

Key Accomplishments/Contributions
• Raised alarm of suspected arson on board the train, determines through thorough observation of passengers.
• Trained 5 train crews in performing their work according to set safety precautions.

Train Conductor
(1/2010 – 6/2015)
• Greeted passengers and provided them with train schedule information.
• Inquired into passengers’ traveling requirements and provided them with information on possible routes.
• Took and recorded passenger information and issued tickets to them.
• Handled payments by processing cash and credit cards and tendering change.
• Managed current and advanced bookings over the telephone and in person.

Key Accomplishments/Contributions
• Responded to an onboard emergency in real-time, thereby saving a woman’s life, who had had a stroke.
• Introduced an interactive public addressing system which brought about an increase in customer satisfaction.

High School Diploma