Waste Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: March 3, 2018

Making your waste manager resume an interesting read is vital so that hiring managers do not look for other options to hiring.

Here is a sample that you can use to write a resume that will be a joy to read:





Waste Manager Resume Example



Elizabeth Perez
66 Tens Road, Edina, MN27452
(000) 999-2541


Focused and resourceful waste manager with over 13 years of exposure to creating and implementing waste management strategies. Skilled in overseeing the work of waste management staff, ensuring that rules and legislation are adhered to. Track record of efficiently managing waste management schemes, and supervising the transportation of waste.


Waste Disposal Strategy Planning Program Implementation
Staff Oversight Budget Management Research
Waste Reduction Recycling Support Needs Assessment
Reports Compilation Complaint Handling Contamination Control

• Implemented a series of waste management program modules, which significantly reduced waste in assigned areas.
• Reduced the risk of contamination by 55%, by introducing “safe waste disposal” activities.
• Successfully managed a staff of 100 officers, for a city-wide waste management project.
• Introduced a novel waste disposal system, which proved to be 77% more efficient than the one already being used.


Waste Manager
Clean Harbors, Edina, MN | 2008 – Present
• Create, develop, and implement waste management strategies, according to established guidelines.
• Ascertain that all waste management activities are carried out keeping government legislation in mind.
• Oversee current waste management schemes, and assist with the development and implementation of new ones.
• Supervise the transportation of waste from one place to another, ensuring that safety is kept in mind.
• Monitor both quality and performance of waste management services, for internal and external agents.
• Create and administer budgets for waste management by keeping cost limitation in mind.

• Deal with inquiries and complaints, aiming to resolve issues immediately.
• Develop research projects, and contribute to the efforts of local groups and communities.

Waste Management Officer
Clean Earth, Edina, MN | 2004 – 2008
• Provided support to waste managers in creating and implementing waste disposal and management activities.
• Assisted waste managers in handling budgets for assigned waste management activities.
• Ascertained that all waste management workers were carrying out their work in a proper manner.
• Created and maintained logs of waste management activities and programs.
• Collated statistics, and compiled correlating reports, along with handling complaints and suggestions.

Edina College, Edina, MN
Bachelor’s Degree in Waste Management