Mover Resume Sample

Updated June 28, 2018

Movers are responsible for manually moving freight, stock, and other materials.

In some establishments, they may also be required to feed or remove material to and from machines, pick/pack materials, clean vehicles, and pick up household goods for moving.


In order to apply for a mover job, you will need to write a compelling resume and cover letter.

The main idea behind writing a mover resume is to put your experiences and skills in a one-page document.


Mover Resume Example



Allen Thompson
65 Brier Road, Auburn, AL85851
(000) 956-2541


Top-performing Mover with over seven years of experience in packing and moving clients’ belongings, ensuring that each item reaches its destination in a safe and timely manner. Effectively able to load and unload items manually and using dollies. Proficient in delivering shipments to assigned destinations following set rules and regulations.


• Damage Prevention • Safety Regulations • Packing
• Furniture Setup • Records Maintenance • Paperwork Handling
• Container Maintenance • Bracing Techniques • Unpacking Assistance
• Map Navigation • Charges Computation • Pre-trip Inspections

• Simultaneously handled 5 moves in a day, without a single problem in any of them.
• Implemented a core item bracing technique, which proved to be 50% more efficient than the one already in use.
• Introduced the concept of pre-trip inspections, making the process of movement smoother.
• Singlehandedly unpacked and set house for a client, covering a huge area.


Acme Movers, Auburn, AL 2014-present
• Confer with clients to determine their specific moving requirements, and provide them with correlating solutions.
• Perform a thorough check of all items that need to be moved, to determine required time and resources.
• Provide clients with estimated on packing, moving and unpacking services, after conferring with them about budgets.
• Perform packing and wrapping activities, ensuring that clients’ belongings are appropriately secured.
• Load packed and fastened items onto delivery containers, and ensure that they are properly strapped in.
• Provide instructions to drivers regarding destinations, and assist in navigating ways.
• Unload moved items to the destination, and assist clients in unpacking them, and placing them appropriately.
• Ascertain that all required paperwork is made available, and is signed and returned to the office.

Logistix, Auburn, AL                2011-2014
• Loaded and unloaded items to and from delivery trucks, and placed them in the correct storage places.
• Ascertained that all loaded items were adequately stacked and secured within the vehicle.
• Created paperwork, or acquired it from the supervisor, ensuring that it was handed over along with the shipment.
• Assisted drivers in mapping short and safe routes to destinations, using both standard maps, and the GPS.
• Handled deliveries according to protocol, and ensured that receipts were signed and returned to the office.

Auburn High School, Auburn, AL
High School Diploma

Mover Resume Sample

Mover on Work

Mover Job Quick Facts

According to BLS website, the following are some quick facts about mover job.

Mover Quick Facts – Bureau of Labor Statistics

Source:  Material Movers (BLS)

Mover Skills & Qualities

  • Customer service
  • Good Hand-eye coordination
  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Physical stamina & strength

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