Furniture Mover Skills for Resume

Updated on: December 6, 2018

It is important for furniture movers to be skilled. Without skill, they cannot do much.

And it is also essential to place skills information in a resume.

A furniture mover needs to possess a wide range of skills to be considered eligible for the position.

People working in this position need to be physically strong. Since they have to lift and move heavy objects, physical ability is essential.

Where skills statements are concerned, it is imperative to be clear in what you write. You have to highlight your knowledge of the work as well as how you can handle problems.

Moreover, your ability to effectively communicate with clients is essential. Also, you need to emphasize why you feel that you are the best person to hire as a furniture mover.

Since a lot depends on how well you write your skills statements, it is important that you pay attention to the structure. Here are a few samples of skills statements for a furniture mover position:

Furniture Mover Skills for Resume

• Track record of effective determining furniture moving requirements through customer communication.

• Skilled in inspecting furniture and other items in order to determine ways to handle them.

• Committed to ensuring the safety of each item.

• Focused on providing excellent customer services in order to obtain repeat business.

• Adept at packing and wrapping items such as decoration pieces, tables, chairs, and paintings.

• Proficient in loading trucks with items, using forklifts and dollies.

• Excellent skills in ensuring the safety of each item by stacking and securing it properly.

• Effectively able to assist drivers by navigating ways to destinations within as well as outside cities.

• Deeply familiar with unloading items in a safe manner.

• Particularly effective in unwrapping items such as furniture, vases, and electronics.

• Unmatched ability to place items according to customer’s instructions.

• Documented success in minimizing damage.

• Qualified to develop documents like logs, receipts, and bills.

• Competent in creating and maintaining liaison with dispatchers.

• Well-versed in responding to customers’ requests and concerns.

• Demonstrated expertise in assembling furniture.

• Ability to take as well as maintain the inventory of moved items or those in transition.

• Expert at performing cleaning and maintenance tasks on moving vehicles such as trucks and vans.

• Highly talented in stacking and securing items inside delivery trucks.

• Special talent for handling issues for example complaints and irate customers.

• Experienced in maintaining the confidentiality of customers’ deliveries.

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