Mover Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: June 24, 2018

What is it that scares you most about interviews?

The most common answer is ‘a failure.’

In order to make sure that the word failure is removed from your dictionary, go through the following set of questions and answers to prepare for a mover interview:



Mover Interview Questions and Answers

What encouraged you to make a career out of moving?
I find the work quite fascinating, and about four years ago, I realized that I was quite good at it. This motivation was enough for me to realize my potential as a mover, and I have not looked back since.

Tell us something about your work as a mover in a previous capacity.
I have been working as a mover for quite some time now, and have been actively communicating with clients to determine their specific moving requirements. Over the years that I have worked as a mover, I have been responsible for determining exactly what clients need in terms of services, providing them with plans, calculating estimates according to their budgets, handling a wide variety of packing and wrapping activities, managing loading and unloading work, and assisting clients in setting up their items in their new offices or homes.

What skills do you feel are needed to work successfully in the role of a mover?
I believe that it is important to understand what the client requires from you initially. The ability to comprehend work orders and deep insight into handling packing and wrapping work are essential. Moreover, you need to be able to safely and securely move items from one place to another, ensuring that the integrity of each item is maintained. Physical ability and agility are also required when working as a mover. Moreover, one has to possess knowledge of common moving practices, and company procedures that govern moving processes.

What has been your most challenging task up till now?
On a hectic day in January this year, I was given a work order that required me to handle six moves in one day. Initially, it looked impossible to me, and I was a bit upset at the unfairness of it all. But I kept my head down and began working, thinking I will stop when I was exhausted. Before I knew it, I had managed to complete all 6 moves, within the provided timeline!

How do you feel about working in an environment that is physically challenging?
I do not mind working in a physically challenging environment. I am good at it, which is one of the reasons that I took up this line of work.

What are your short-term career plans?
Within the next year, I hope to be working in a supervisory capacity, within the same arena.