Mover Skills for Resume

Updated: September 10, 2018

The skills section in a mover resume is most underrated. It is important to create a skills section that wows the hiring manager into calling you in for an interview immediately.

How does one do this?

It is not that complicated. Writing your skills in statements is easy if you are aware of them. It is for lack of knowledge (most it is lack of self-awareness) that can place you on the backburner where skills are concerned.

Do a thorough self-analysis before you begin to write the skills section in your resume.

What exactly are mover skills?

It is very important to understand this question if you want to be successful in writing skills statements. A skill is anything that you are capable of doing, which may have a positive effect on the company that you are working for. Your skills are what make it easy for you to perform your job duties.

There are some skills that are expected of everyone across the board, such as communication abilities, and interpersonal skills.

And then there are ones that are particular to the job for which you are applying. These skills will define your expertise in specific areas such as marketing, sales, teaching, or outreach, depending on what job you are applying for.

Remember that it is very important to write skills statements that sell you as a possible candidate for a job. Here are some sample skills statements to help you along:


Sample Skills for Mover Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in determining clients’ packing and moving requirements, and providing them with correlating plans and ideas.

• Effectively able to create moving plans to meet each client’s specific instructions and budgetary limitations.

• Deeply familiar with performing a wide variety of packing and wrapping activities to secure items that need to be moved.

• Proven ability to ensure that all packed or wrapped items are carefully placed in containers, and loaded onto delivery trucks.

• Well-versed in strapping loaded items to ensure that they are kept safe during transit times.

• Adept at assisting delivery truck drivers in mapping short and safe routes to the destination, using both maps and the GPS.

• Proficient in unloading items from trucks once they reach their destinations, and unpacking them upon clients’ instructions.

• Competent in assisting clients in placing their items within houses and offices, by following set instructions.

• Qualified to create and present paperwork associated with each move, ensuring that clients sign receipts in a timely manner.

• Skilled in creating and maintaining records of all moves, in predefined company databases.