Mover Cover Letter Sample

Updated: June 24, 2018

Writing a mover cover letter is a fun thing to do. Imagine putting all the best things about you on a piece of paper, and being rewarded for it by obtaining a job! Not so fast!

It does not always happen this way. True, the cover letter has a great chance of bringing you one step closer to the interview stage, but it does not guarantee success every time. You really have to make an effort when writing a cover letter.

The main thing that you need to know about cover letter writing is the format. Once you have this part sorted out, you can very well organize information about your experience, professional accomplishments, and skills in it.

But be careful while writing your experience – a mere hint is sufficient. Making sure that the language you use is subtle and professional is important. Or you could go the “excited” way.

Here is a balance of both these:


Mover Cover Letter Example



June 24, 2018

Mr. Alan Hodge
Human Resource Manager
Coleman Worldwide Moving
199 Hem Avenue SE
Orange Beach, AL18832


Dear Mr. Hodge:

Would you be interested in hiring a professional mover, who can make up to 10 moves within a workday? If your answer is yes, then I request you to go through the enclosed resume. As a skilled mover, with experience spanning over 6 years, I am positive that I am the right person to hire at Coleman Worldwide Moving.

Packing, securing, and strapping each item that needs to be moved between destinations is one of my strong points. I ensure that all items such as furniture, frames, personal belongings, and equipment are packed in the right type of containers, such as crates and cartons, is another.

I am extremely proficient in:

  • Packing and wrapping items by hand
  • Keeping a record of the stuff
  • Cleaning equipment and workplace

Over the time that I have spent working as a mover, I have been actively handling many moves, one after the other, ensuring that none of them are compromised where the quality of work and timelines are concerned. Determining exactly what clients need in terms of care of their items during the transit time is my niche, as is my ability to create and present estimates that fit clients’ budgets.

At this point in time, I am interested in meeting with you in person so that I can further elaborate on my experience and successes in a mover capacity. I will contact you soon to set up a meeting time. If you need to meet with me in the interim, please feel free to call or text me.




Sean Wayne
(000) 541-9656