Mover Job Description for Resume

Updated: June 24, 2018

A mover assists for people who find it hard to move house or office, because of the amount of stuff that they need to move. It can be quite a nightmare to pack all things carefully and ensure that they properly reach destinations.

That is where movers come in. These individuals are hired to assist clients in packing and moving their things between places, making sure that the security and safety of items are kept a priority.


Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a mover. Apart from required education, movers are expected to possess some traits that make them successful at this work.

This includes the ability to handle a wide variety of tasks at the same time, knowledge of common and specific packing and unpacking processes, physical agility aimed at carrying and moving heavy objects, and good client manner.

Excellent communication skills are a prerequisite of working as a mover since you have to be in constant contact with clients, who depend on you to get their belongings across safely and responsibly.

It is not everyone’s ballgame to work as a mover. You have to have a certain type of personality to be able to do justice to this job –client satisfaction is of great importance here, and you have to be able to keep on top of every project that you are part of. Here are some duties that a mover will be expected to perform in this role:

Job Description for Mover Resume

• Engage clients in conversation to determine their moving, packing, and unpacking requirements.

• Provide clients with information on packages and services provided by the company, and how each plan can fit their requirements.

• Create estimates for each client, based on their specific budget limitations, and present them with modifications where necessary.

• Provide clients with timelines regarding the move, and assist them in understanding the packing and moving process.

• Perform activities such as packing, and wrapping to ensure that each item is properly secured before the move.

• Load all packed and secured items onto delivery trucks, and strap them in to further augment their safety.

• Move all items to destinations in a proper manner, ensuring that they are unpacked and set once they reach their destinations.

• Ensure that all paperwork is created, signed, and submitted to the office on time.