Mill Worker Skills

Updated on: January 7, 2018

Skills are important to hiring managers on several levels, and if you satisfy them with your skills information in resumes and cover letters, there is a great chance that you will be accepted for an interview.

Hiring managers actively look for skilled individuals, so that the time and effort that will be used in training them, can be channelized elsewhere.

Upon not finding a dedicated skills section in your resume, or mention of them in your cover letter, they conveniently move on to the next resume.

It is important that the hiring manager who picks up your job application documents does not get the opportunity to pick up the next set. He or she should stop at yours because of the way you have worded the documents, and the information in them. Skills are primary when it comes to selection criteria.

If you have it in you to perform certain complex activities, there is no harm in flaunting that you do. In fact, keeping quiet about them will do more harm than good. Sit down and make a list of all the skills and qualifications that you are proud of, and how they have helped you in the past, and you will have enough information to write skills statements that you can proudly present to a prospective employer.

A list of skills statements particular to the position of a mill worker are provided below for reference purposes:

Mill Worker Skills

• Qualified to identify materials such as resins, oils, and water, and prepare compounds of needed quantity and specified accuracy.

• Demonstrated expertise in assisting mill equipment operators in all aspects of mass mill operations.

• Effectively able to put mixes on mills, adding compounds, and handling cleaning and maintenance activities.

• Deeply familiar with providing break relief to mill operators, ensuring that downtime is minimized or eradicated where possible.

• Exceptionally talented in determining unusual appearances, and package markings, and notifying supervisors in an immediate manner.

• Documented success in reporting quality and maintenance problems to supervisors, in a timely and efficient manner.

• Competent in cutting up pans of blend in materials, such as calendar extruder flushes.

• Qualified to follow and enforce work safety procedures and protocols, and ensure that any security concerns are reported immediately.

• Proven ability to cut pan liners, and dust pans with clay, by following specified instructions.

• Track record of effectively avoiding over-compounding, ensuring that only the right amount of compounds needed to complete the required number of mixes.