Mill Worker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 7, 2018

The success of a cover letter depends on how well you have researched the position.

If you have spent time and effort in figuring out what to write in a cover letter, there is a huge chance that it will show up in the cover letter. But if you do not bother with the research part, that too will show up.

The trick is to make sure that you do not use flowery language, and that whatever words and phrases that you do use, are spot on with what the hiring manager will want to read.

Difficult? Perhaps. But once you cross this milestone, you are well on your way to being accepted as a great contender for the job.

The problem comes about when you don’t take cover letter writing seriously. You need to understand that cover letters make or break your candidature.

If you want them to work for you, you have to make sure that you write them properly. Here is a sample to help you:


Mill Worker Cover Letter Example



January 7, 2018

Mr. Gary Holden
Human Resource Manager
Guardian Building Products
1093 Marion Avenue
Columbus, OH 98124


Dear Mr. Holden:

Real-life, and meaningful opportunities are few and far apart. I believe that working for Guardian Building Products will provide me with such an opportunity, in exchange of my exceptional talents in the role of a mill worker. My expertise in correctly identifying materials, and preparing compounds of needed quantity, and specified accuracy, will be a welcome incident on your part.

I am a professional when it comes to assisting operators in all facets of mass mill operations, such as putting mixes on mills, and adding compounds. But my expertise is not limited to this – I am also exceptionally talented in cutting up pans of blend in materials, and handling grinding activities, and can safely manage mill operations in the absence of operators.

Apart from this, I am exceptionally talented in keeping work areas neat and clean, and ensuring that assigned equipment and tools are properly maintained, and stored as instructed by operators.

Positive that I will be an exceptional addition to your team of mill workers, I will contact you next week, to see if you have an empty timeslot when we can meet in person. Until I get a chance to contact you and set a meeting, please call me at (000) 857-8579 for any additional information that you may need.




Ben Solo

Attachment: (Resume)