6 Laboratory Manager Interview Questions & Answers

Updated on: October 17, 2021

For some of us, the mere thought of an interview is enough to send us into a frenzy.

The good news is that if you have prepared for an interview, you don’t need to feel this way.

The following set of interview questions and answers can be referred to if you are about to appear for a laboratory manager position:

Laboratory Manager Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is the one thing that motivates you to work at this position?

On a daily basis, it is the end result of my labor that is a great motivator. Since I am a stickler for perfection, I find it to be quite a charge when a job is well done.

2. What have been your prime duties in the role of a laboratory manager in the past?

As a laboratory manager, I have been responsible for a lot of duties including creating schedules for lab personnel, providing them with basic and advanced training to lead procedures, overseeing their work to ensure that they are working along the right path, ascertaining that all results are accurate, and filed properly, making sure that sufficient supplies, instrumentation, and equipment are available, and ensuring that safety measures are properly being followed.

3. Speaking of safety, where do you rate it on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest?

I would give it a 10. For me, safety at the workplace holds a great place, and I make sure that all procedures are carried out in a safe manner, by following all protocols and procedures.

4. What skills do you possess which make you a good contender to hire as a laboratory manager?

I am an extremely organized individual, who possesses exceptional skills in overseeing the work of a busy laboratory. Since I am experienced in handling laboratory procedures, I know just what to do, and how to go about doing it. My knowledge of specimen testing procedures and processes is quite profound, as is my ability to handle problems associated with this work. In addition to this, I am a professional when it comes to handling reporting work, and ensuring that safety measures are properly taken into consideration, during all processes and procedures.

5. Can you recall a time when your skills saved the day?

The lab that I was managing was testing a new drug for cancer, when one of the techs managed to create a huge blowup! Coincidentally, I was on a round at that time, and I managed to blow out the fire before it could reach the cupboard where we kept the specimens, or harm anyone in the laboratory. It was quite an experience, and I believe that it was my presence of mind that saved the day!

6. What does quality control mean to you?

I believe that quality control is paramount when working in a laboratory environment. It means everything to me, and I strive hard to make sure that quality control in maintained all through.