8 Maintenance Worker Achievements for Resume

Updated on: November 21, 2020

A resume is deemed somewhat dull if it does not brag about achievements. Since employers scan through resumes quickly, they usually focus on the achievements section initially – before they move on to other parts.

But deriving achievements out of regular job duties is a force to reckon with. How does one do this?

How does one differentiate?

Well, technically, you should keep a record of all the duties that you have performed that have resulted in positive outcomes.

But, if you haven’t kept a record, you can still decipher what your achievements are by reflecting on all that you have accomplished.

Typically, there are two types of achievements that you can mention on your resume:

• Achievements that have brought the company monetary benefit
• Achievements that quantify non-monetary results

No matter which one you write, these give resumes weight and compel employers to take your candidature seriously. Employer love numbers. If you give them a dollar or percentage signs, they are bound to sit up in their chairs.

Some keywords that you can use as part of your achievements statements include:

• Money
• Revenue
• Profit
• Income
• Savings
• Cost
• Expense
• Sales
• Market share

Your resume statements need to hit the bottom line with a quantified result. The number and dollar signs; however, do not always have to be part of your resume.

There is no point in throwing in a dollar sign where there is no need for it.

If you are a maintenance worker, for instance, you may not have had the opportunity to increase revenues to a specific dollar amount, so attempting to use the dollar sign, may seem fruitless. However, you can make great use of numbers from 1 to infinity!

So let us have a look at some examples of achievements for a maintenance worker position:

Sample Achievements for Maintenance Worker Resume

  1. Cultivated an extraordinary level of company loyalty, achieving a 10+ year tenure amongst 70% of employees.
  2. Introduced a safety system that monitors equipment dynamically to prevent damage to utility lines.
  3. Decreased maintenance costs by 55% by employing preventative maintenance activities every month.
  4. Reined in a colossal project that required a complete replacement of landscaping in 7 parks across the city in the limited time of 3 months.
  5. Reduced equipment repairing and maintenance cost by 50% by setting up an in-house maintenance unit.
  6. Filled 85 potholes within the city in a record time of 2 weeks, following election preparations.
  7. Trained 52 newly hired maintenance workers in routine light and heavy labor work, pertinent to construction work and maintenance.
  8. Utilized extensive knowledge and skill of maintenance logistics to significantly improve work team’s efficiency by 49%.

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