Animal Care Accomplishments to List on your Resume

Updated on: November 2, 2019

There is no better feel-good factor than the awareness that you have helped someone – especially if that someone is an animal.

Only those of us who are very special think about animals in the same terms as humans.


Some even believe that “animals are humans too”. Which is quite a noble thought? Especially if your work also revolves around animal care.

If you are applying for a position at an animal care organization, trust us, you will be thoroughly screened – as the organization that you want to work for is probably a bigger animal lover than you are!

So be prepared to be grilled. But before the grilling part at an interview, you will have to make sure that your resume is as vocal about your love for animals as you are.

And what is more vocal than listed accomplishments that prove that you take your work seriously? Little else!


Focusing on your relevant achievements and accomplishments on a resume is very important. Proving to an employer that you are indeed what you claim is difficult.

But through the accomplishments section on your resume, you can prove to prospective employers that you are focused and achieve results because of this quality.

For an animal care worker position, you can list your accomplishments in this manner:


List of Accomplishments for Animal Care Resume

• Set up and administered an animal shelter for 388 animals, including pets, affected by Hurricane Sandy.

• Sped up the legal process to ban ownership of 3 giant snake species as pets.

• Expanded the Pets Life Program to 20 states in the USA.

• Raised $50,000 in 3 months to be used for conservation efforts for the almost extinct White Rhinoceros.

• Decreased animal cruelty by 40% in the State of Utah, by assisting in passing the No Fur Cruelty bill.

• Increased chances of animal adoption by 66% by employing outreach programs across 6 counties.

• Collected funds amounting to $10,000 to successfully launch a major online kiosk-based lost pet reunion program.

• Reined in 18 animal adoption campaigns that saw a 100% adoption success rate.

• Successfully closed out seal hunt and fur trades, following extensive campaigning and awareness activities.

• Led a sting operation that exposed animal cruelty from a staggering 88 individuals, following undercover investigations.

• Organized and led an animal rescue initiative post-Oklahoma tornados in April 2019.

• Decreased pet morbidity rates by 50% by initiating directives for proper feeding and healthcare from 9 volunteer veterinary hospitals and clinics.