Landscape workers may work in a professional or a personal capacity but their job remains the same – improving the aesthetic value of the gardens and outdoors. They do this by improving how a lawn or a patio looks by employing tools and products to enhance the beauty of the premises.

A person looking for work in this capacity will need to write a resume that highlights his or her artistic skills in landscaping.

Let us look at an example to understand how to write a resume for landscaping jobs.


Sample Resume for Landscape Worker


Aiden Croft

66 Stoneleigh Way, Stone Mountain, GA 54432
(010) 999-9999, Email

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a Landscape Worker position with the Joys. Bringing a track record of creating aesthetically pleasing landscape.

• Over six years of hands-on experience in landscaping work
• Highly skilled in using motorized tools and land maps to etch out landscapes
• Hands on experience of assisting in designing of open areas
• In depth knowledge of putting in check maintenance measures dependent on landscape type

• Designed a huge cut out of bushes in the form of a car for BMW’s new model launching
• Awarded Artist of Artists award following excellence in landscaping models for various projects


Feb 2007 – Dec 2012
ABC Landscaping Company, Stone Mountain, GA
Landscape Worker

• Designed layouts of areas in question
• Managed planting and laying fertilizers
• Dug holes and terraces for construction purposes
• Installed patios, decks and sprinkler systems
• Structured and mowed lawns as and when needed

Diploma: ELIZABETH ANDREWS HIGH SCHOOL, Stone Mountain, GA – 2006

• Excellent aesthetic sense
• Skilled in using automatic and hand tools
• Good attention to detail
• Able to stay alert constantly
• Excellent communication skills