Landscape Foreman Job Description

Updated on: April 24, 2018

Landscape foremen work in supervisory roles, where their primary duty is to make sure that all the labor is working correctly, and that any arising issues are appropriately handled. Working as a landscape foreman is not an easy job, as there is so much that one has to do to make sure that the clients one is serving, provides repeat business.

Working as a landscape foreman requires an individual to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least. Prior experience in a similar capacity will take your candidature to great heights, as employers always want to hire an individual who needs little or no training.

To work as a landscape foreman, it is essential to know landscaping work inside out. You have to possess a great ability to provide your team with information about the work, and how it is supposed to be carried out.

Moreover, you have to possess a great ability to understand and follow clients’ instructions regarding their landscaping requirements. A great aesthetic sense and an inherent ability to follow instructions provided by clients are very important in this work.

Some landscape foremen also physically involve themselves in the work. If this is the work that interests you, you might want to go through the following list of job duties particular to this role:

Landscape Foreman Duties & Responsibilities

• Create work schedules for landscape technicians and workers, and ensure that they are implemented according to protocol.

• Provide labor with instructions on how to handle landscaping projects according to the specifications of clients.

• Confer with clients to determine their specific landscaping requirements, and provide them with suggestions.

• Inspect clients’ lawns, to determine the different ways in which they can be landscaped

• Make sure that all tools and equipment are made available to the landscaping crew at the beginning of each day.

• Make arrangements for trucks to be made available for each project, ensuring that tools and supplies are timely delivered to sites.

• Hire and train landscaping crew members, to ensure that they work according to set procedures and timelines.

• Oversee the work of landscaping technicians and workers to ensure that they carry out their work in a proper manner.

• Provide instructions and interventions in difficult project modules, and ensure that each project is led to fruition promptly.

• Implement proper use of equipment and tools to ensure that operations are carried out safely.

• Provide safety instructions to all workers, by laying down ground rules for landscaping operations.

• Address and respond to clients’ questions and concerns, to ensure that client satisfaction is made a priority.

• Track all landscape labor to ensure that they are working according to instructions and delivery timelines.

• Oversee the loading and unloading of equipment and materials to ensure a smooth transition from truck to the site.

• Ascertain that the inventory of supplies and equipment is handled correctly, addressing any low stock situations with priority.

• Oversee the collection and storage of equipment and supplies, at the end of each shift, or when a project is finalized.