Landscape Designer Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 26, 2023
Landscape Designer Cover Letter Writing Guide

Cover letter writing is not as easy as it once used to be. A lot has changed since the technology boom, as hiring managers now have access to a plethora of cover letters – and the places where they have been “inspired”.

The trick is to be original when writing a cover letter, and make sure that the document is not something that is similar to anything that a hiring manager may have seen before. Creativity is what is required here. When you write a cover letter, think “out of the box”.

A cover letter sample for the position of landscape designer is provided below for your reference:

Landscape Designer Cover Letter Example

May 26, 2023

Mr. Kevin Young
Human Resource Manager
Hillside Gardens and Landscaping
673 Opal Road
Lott, TX 12283

Dear Mr. Young:

In hopes of acquiring a position as a landscape designer at Hillside Gardens and Landscaping, I offer the attached resume for your review.

My best work by far is the colossal nature park that I designed for the state – The Lott Nature Adventure. This project shows the amount of expertise I have in handling complex landscape design projects, also highlighting how perfectly I am able to blend different design concepts into one project. 

I have spent 5 years learning the ropes of landscape design, and have consumed a further 5 in perfecting my expertise in this area. As every day is a new day, I am still exposed to a lot of ways in which I can aesthetically use my skills to create wondrous landscape designs – these are opportunities that I welcome with open arms.

My comprehension of handling site analysis is profound, as is my ability to engage clients in conversation to determine what it is that they require in terms of aesthetics. Exceptional insight into creating and developing landscaping projects, and ensuring that they are completed within delivery timelines, is my niche.

Because my skills are best explained in person, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person. Until then, I can be reached at (000) 697-6541 if you require additional information regarding my suitability for a landscape designer position at your company.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Joshua Jackson
(000) 697-6541
Attachment: resume