Landscape Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: February 11, 2022

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Landscape Technician Resume Example

Larry Ross
521 Caddo Road
Houston, TX 52896
(000) 999-5142
larryross @ email . com


Aesthetic-minded Landscape Technician with 10+ years’ extensive experience in caring for established lawns by performing a variety of activities such as mulching, aerating, and weeding. Skilled in operating vehicles and powered equipment such as mowers and tractors to handle landscaping work. Documented success in using hand tools such as shovels, rakes, pruning saws, and brush trimmers to provide lawns with finery in terms of edging and design.

– Grounds-keeping
– Growth Enhancement
– Lawn Furniture Installation
– Fertilizer Use
– Client Interaction
– Material and Resource Procurement
– Green Health
– Environmental Support
– Fountain Maintenance
– Plant Disease Control
– Safe Chemical Handling
– Equipment Maintenance


Landscape Technician
(6/2015 – Present)
The Greenery, Houston, TX
• Confer with clients to determine their landscaping needs and provide correlating suggestions.
• Perform mulching, weeding, and trimming activities to make the overall appearance of green growth pleasing.
• Prune shrubs and trees in order to shape them and improve their growth.
• Rake leaves and clean debris and/or litter using brooms or rakes.
• Plant grass, trees, and flowers according to clients’ instructions and ensured that they are shaped properly.
Selected Achievements
• Introduced a chemical-free pesticide that increased plants health by 50%.
• Suggested an irrigation system for large landscapes, reduced water wastage by 20%.
• Installed a large fountain and 15 sets of lawn furniture within the record time of 2 days.

(5/2007 – 6/2015)
The Greenery, Houston, TX
• Sprayed plants with insecticides and pesticides to discourage infestations.
• Planned procurement of resources and materials so that they are obtained within desired time frames.
• Haul and spread soil and straw over seeded soil to keep it in place.
• Created aesthetically pleasing carvings out of bushes and trees and install lawn furniture and fountains and stone hills.
• Performed mulching, aerating, and weeding activities and mixed and sprayed fertilizers on plants.
• Assisted in performing trimming activities and removed thatches.
• Mowed lawns using power mowers and planted seeds and bulbs according to specific instructions provided.
• Assisted in installing fountains and building corner hills using stones and glass.
• Gathered and removed litter and maintained irrigation systems.

Associate of Science in Landscape Architecture
Community College, Houston, TX – 2005