Landscaping Worker Resume Sample

Updated on: July 16, 2021

There are only a few dos of landscape worker resume writing – but the don’ts are many!

This is because you end up paying heavily for small mistakes in resume writing and you really do not want to go that way, as the repercussions are quite strong. Write your resume once, write it well.

Landscaping Worker resume writing requires not only time but patience too as it is a long process.

There are a lot of considerations that need to be taken into account before you deem your resume complete. Each section needs to have a solid presence on your resume.

Here is an example to get ideas from:

Sample Resume for Landscaping Worker Position

Terrence Velez
80 Montgomery Mill Road
Greensburg, KY 11101
(000) 514-3659
terrvelez @ email . com


• Physically agile landscape worker who has a verifiable track record of operating vehicles and power equipment to efficiently perform landscaping work in both residential and commercial settings.
• Demonstrated ability to care for lawns by performing mulching, aerating and weeding activities
• Expert in trimming trees, shrubs and hedges using shears and prunes
• Proven ability to mix and spray fertilizers and insecticides onto grass, shrubs and trees, using a wide variety of hand and power tools
• Particularly effective in creating new outdoor spaces by efficiently tweaking resources (such as trees, hedges and shrubs) and coming up with visually appealing results


(Oct 2017 – Present)
Landscape Worker
• Create an entire irrigation system for a huge piece of land, bringing watering costs down by 75%
• Singlehandedly carve a large hedge into the shape of Deadpool, just in time for the movie’s release, resulting in a huge number of spectators
• Operate power equipment such as mowers, tractors, snow blowers and electrical cutters to perform landscaping work
• Edge lawns by using dedicated mowers and power edgers
• Prune and trim trees and shrubs using a variety of shears and chainsaws
• Mix fertilizers and insecticides in a safe manner and ensure that they are efficiently and evenly spread
• Develop, implement and maintain irrigation systems to ensure that sufficient amount of water is being given to vegetation, while minimizing wastage

GTY CO, Greensburg, KY
(Jan 2014 – Oct 2017)
Landscape Worker
• Introduced an organic pesticide which resulted in increased growth of plants and trees.
• Wrote an instructional manual on workplace safety and landscaping equipment maintenance, used as part of the apprenticeship program.
• Cleared debris from lawns and grounds and ensure that they were properly disposed of.
• Raked, composted and mulched leaves and plant seeds and bulbs using designated garden tools.
• Followed planned landscaping designs to figure out places that need sod and sowed grass and foliage according to the plan.
• Performed preventative maintenance on garden tools and equipment on a regular basis.

(Feb 2010 – Jan 2014)
• Cleaned surfaces and green areas by removing debris and hazardous materials
• Dug appropriately sized holes so that seed and bulb planting activities could be carried out
• Cleaned flower beds by performing weeding duties and trimmed trees and bushes
• Assisted in maintaining irrigation systems by adjusting flow of water to prevent waste
• Mixed and spread insecticides and fertilizers in the correct quantity and by following set safety standards

High School Diploma
PERRY COUNTY SCHOOLS, Greensburg, KY – 2009

• Visual Aesthetics
• Equipment Control
• Draglines Management
• Cultivation Techniques
• Control Precision
• Static Strength
• Grounds-keeping
• Lawn Decorations
• Equipment Maintenance
• Plant Selection
• Workplace Safety
• Artificial Fields Management