Ground persons are responsible for performing maintenance work of the grounds of the premises in order to ensure that they are neat and well trimmed. They work closely with gardeners and other personnel by maintaining hedges, fences and flower beds so that the premises look visually appealing.

Ground persons do not only maintain lawns and the likes of it; they are also expected to maintain sports fields, open auditoriums and athletic tracks. When applying for a job they will need to ensure that they have some gardening or grounds maintenance experiences as this work is not as easy as it would seem and requires a lot of understanding of ground work and equipment and procedures used.

If you are a qualified ground person, you may take benefit of the following resume to apply for a job in this regard.


Ground Person Resume Sample


Carson Hoode

334 Pony Track Road, Camden Wyo, DE 88888
(221) 222-2222, carson @ email . com

*Ground Person*

Bringing knowledge of maintenance tasks and gardening procedures to engender visually appealing natural and manmade outdoor structures.

• Physically fit and agile with 5+ years of dedicated experience in grounds maintenance
• Proficient in general lawn care and landscaping activities
• Hands-on experience in utilizing tools and equipment for managing grounds maintenance tasks
• In-depth knowledge of pesticide and fertilizer applications

• Stayed under budget for a complicated landscaping project that was awarded the Best Landscape in Camden Wyo in 2011
• Participated in a major project that required the creation of a massive sized car using flowers and plants for the launch of BMWs new office


Bartlett Tree Experts – DE | March 2009 – Present

Ground Person
• Mow lawns and prune trees and shrubs
• Manage mulching, aerating and weeding activities
• Water lawns and spread topsoil
• Use ground equipment to create landscaping designs
• Shovel snow and spread salt when needed
• Use fertilizers and pesticides for maintaining grounds
• Perform decorative services such as installing stones and lights

Bartlett Tree Experts – DE | November 2008 – February 2009

Maintenance Worker
• Cleaned surfaces on the outside of the building
• Raked leaves and assisted in managing irrigation ditches
• Assisted I marking design boundaries and paint jobs
• Assisted in planting seeds and gathering and removing litter

G.E.D | Camden High School, Camden Wyo, DE | 2007

• Understanding of safe working practices
• Experience using complex grounds maintenance equipment
• Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment
• Excellent written and oral communication skills