Grounds Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on May 20, 2017

Interviews are like final exams. How successful you will be depends on how well you prepared for them. Your skills, interests and potential and how they can be related to the job that you have applied for is what is most important here. To be honest, there is no single way of preparing for an interview. But if you go through a few pointers, it may make things easier for you.

The purpose of an interview is to supply a prospective employer with information about you which you have not placed in your resume or cover letter. The interview process helps the employer evaluate your personality, communication skills and motivation. Give the interviewer something solid to gauge you positively with.

Some examples of interview questions and answers for a grounds manager position are provided below for your reference:

Grounds Manager Interview Questions and Answers

What are the main duties that you have performed in the role of a grounds manager?
Planning, directing and organizing the day to day activities of grounds maintenance teams, and supervising them to ensure that they are working in accordance with established protocols have been my prime duties in the role of a grounds manager. In addition to this, I have been involved in generating work orders, assigning tasks to workers, overseeing grounds projects and construction management, planning and developing economical maintenance tasks and horticulture programs, and identifying room for improvement.

What skills does one need to efficiently work as a grounds manager?
Grounds managers need to be great leaders. They need to be able to oversee staff’s activities to ensure that they are working properly, and ensure that all safety measures are taken into account. Furthermore, one needs to possess technical knowledge of grounds equipment, chemicals, mowing, and flower / tree / shrub maintenance procedures. Ability to solve problems and respond to various requests and situations is also important in this work.

Why did you choose to work as a grounds manager?
I have always loved the outdoors. Working as a grounds manager means that I get to work in an environment that is closest to nature.

As far as landscaping is concerned, what has been your experience?
I have been actively involved in assisting landscape artists with projects, providing insight and advice on how to go about the required details. Touring acreage to determine when landscaping upgrades are needed and providing the management with suggestions for improvements are also areas that I am proficient in.

What qualifications do you possess which can convince us to hire you as a grounds manager?
Apart from the skills and competencies I mentioned earlier, I am a certified arborist and also possess certification in applying pesticides.

What is your best grounds management project so far?
The organization that I am presently working for wanted me to coordinate efforts of my team and 3 landscaping artists to create the company’s logo from bushes that were already planted – within 4 months. It took a lot of effort and planning but I managed to make this happen within the deadline provided to me. I believe that this is by far my best grounds management project.

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