Fruit Sorter Cover Letter Sample

Updated: January 13, 2019

Fruit Sorter Cover Letter Guidance

The basic work of a fruit sorter is to sort good fruit from the bad.

Experience and skills in this regard need to go into the fruit sorter cover letter.

A cover letter for a fruit sorter position needs to pinpoint your competencies exactly.

As a fruit sorter, it is imperative that you convince the recruiter that you are the best.

Your knowledge of sorting the right fruit pieces should be highlighted. Also, your cover letter should show how well you can clean fruit.

Moreover, a cover letter for a fruit sorter position should emphasize the applicant’s ability to analyze fruit for oil content, especially when working in a lab environment.

Exceptional ability to bunch and tie fruit produce also needs to be highlighted.

If working as a fruit sorter is what you want to do, you may want to look through the following cover letter sample:


Fruit Sorter Cover Letter Sample


January 13, 2019

Mr. Caleb Peterson
Human Resources Manager
Homer’s Fruit Farms
9335 News Road
Federal Way, WA 40962


Dear Mr. Peterson:

I am writing to apply for Fruit Sorter job at Homer’s Fruit Farms. My recent job as a fruit sorter has allowed me to master yet another area of working on a fruit farm. And it is through this expertise that I want to offer my contribution to Homer’s Fruit Farms.

As a seasoned fruit sorter, I possess many talents such as sorting fruit produce to ensure that high quality is maintained. In addition, I am well-versed in discarding cull items and foreign matter in order to ensure pure fruit produce. Also, I am talented in picking choice fruit produce in order to use it as cappers.

Since I love challenges, therefore, I ensure that I pick up the most complex of fruit sorting jobs. This has led me to handle a wide array of duties in a profound manner. Working as a fruit sorter has taught me much about grading fruit as well.

Specifically, I am competent in discarding inferior or defective food produce, and placing acceptable ones in containers for further processing. This, along with many other competencies make me an excellent person to hire as a fruit sorter.

Next week, I will check with you in order to determine if you have free time to meet with me. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Robert Sanders

Enc: (Resume)

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