Fruit Farm Worker Resume Sample

Updated on: January 10, 2023

Fruit farm workers are responsible for all tasks associated with fruit farming starting from soil preparation and seed sowing to harvesting. It is a job that requires good physical stamina and deep knowledge of the farming process.

Big farms may require their fruit farm workers to operate hand and power tools, drive tractors and operate forklifts, carry out pesticide administration, and conduct the pruning of the orchids.

In order to apply for a fruit farm worker job, you will need to write a resume. This page will provide you with information about writing a great resume.

How to write a good resume for a fruit farm worker position?

  1. Divide your resume into different sections including summary, skills, experience, and education.
  2. Mention some of your achievements in the experience section.
  3. Proofread your resume before sending it.

Here is a sample fruit farm worker resume for your further guidance:

Fruit Farm Worker Resume Example

Alan Harley
933 Evelyn Junctions
McFarland, CA 76666
(000) 325-6521
alan .harley @ email . com

Highly dexterous and industrious Fruit Farm worker with matchless skills in fruit picking, plant pruning, and fruit packaging. Strong team player with 5+ years of experience in fruit farming, fruit grading, preservation, and market practices.

• Proficient in crop irrigation, soil tilling, and weeding.
• Skilled in soil preparation and fertilizer application.
• Expert in crop pruning and irrigation.
• Adept at the administration of pesticides and herbicides.
• Proven skills in operating self-propelled machinery and other farming-related hand and power tools.
• Good physical stamina, ability to lift up to 70 Kg.


Fruit Farm Worker
Fresh Harvest, McFarland, CA
June 2021 – Jan 2023
• Increased crop production by 20% by introducing smart and effective pruning techniques.
• Recovered 80% of produce from a pest-infected orchid through efficient application of pesticides, herbicides, and pruning techniques.
• Kept track of crop progress and charted fruit production.
• Prepared soil for sowing and mixed fertilizers as required.
• Supervised the irrigation process and changed irrigator directions periodically.
• Oversaw fruit picking and packaging.
• Accompanied fruit trucks to the market and handed over produce to buyers.
• Negotiated market rate for the whole product with buyers.

Farm Hand
Mayfair Orchid, McFarland, CA
March 2019 – May 2021
• Reduced fruit wastage by 50% through preservative packaging techniques.
• Carried out annual and perennial seed planting.
• Prepared the soil for the sowing of seeds and operated power tools for same.
• Charted the growth and health of all plants.
• Administered pesticides and herbicides as needed.
• Picked all fruits upon ripening using hand and power tools.
• Used tractors and forklifts to transport the produce to and from the storehouse.
• Packed the fruit in a safe and hygienic manner after grading it.

Current Driver’s License

English & Spanish

High School Diploma
Conrad High School, McFarland, CA

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