Food Production Worker Resume Sample

Updated on: August 22, 2016

A wonderful job advertisement has presented itself, and you’re happy to remember that you have a resume all ready to send. So you email it to the address given in the advertisement and start waiting, confident that you’ll get a response.

And you’re disappointed when there isn’t one. They didn’t call because you sent in a general purpose resume: it wasn’t tailored to the job they advertised.

General purpose resumes are a thing of the past. Today you must make your resume match the job, and one way to do this is to make sure it conforms to the requirements of the job. This way the prospective employer will feel you are a good candidate for the job, and the better you do this, the higher you will be on the list. Let’s have a look at how this food preparation worker managed it:


Food Preparation Worker Resume Sample


Linda Dole

783 Elm Street ● Serafin, TX 77764 ● (000) 142-8578 ● lindadole @ email . com

Food Production Worker

Performance Summary: Self-motivated Food Production Worker with a highly developed sense of responsibility. Widespread experience in the handling of food in various organizations. Highly organized individual who has excellent time management skills and ability to manage sizeable workload.


• Demonstrated proficiency in following state regulations of cleanliness and food safety in kitchen and dining room areas
• Demonstrated expertise in preparing food items in accordance to set recipes and procedures
• Extensive knowledge of the nutritional requirements of people with special needs, both in disease and medical conditions
• Proficient in minimizing waste and ensuring that everything that can be recycled, is sent to the recycling plant


• Premise Cleanliness • Conservation • Waste minimizing
• Food safety • Nutrition • Communication
• Food processing • Inventory Control • Procurement
• Food Storage • Work precision • Time management


Food Production Worker
Serafin High School, Serafin, TX | 6/2010 – Present

• Successfully implement Department of Health regulations in the preparation and serving of food in a start-up enterprise
• Effectively balance the blood sugar level of a student by providing tasty, well-balanced food as part of a diabetic diet
• Supervise the preparation of school lunch according to set regulations and procedures
• Ascertain highest standards of food safety and cleanliness, both in the kitchen and the dining room
• Develop menus and recipes for students with special nutritional needs
• Ascertain that all needed products are available in the school kitchen at all times
• Make arrangements for delivery of fresh produce on a daily basis
• Minimize food wastage and handled recycling activities appropriately

Food Production Worker
City School, Serafin, TX | 8/2006 – 6/2010

• Lucratively put a stop to kitchen pilferage by maintaining records in the form of checklists
• Vastly improved food taste by beginning a system of in-cooking tasting
• Prepared and served lunch items in a timely manner
• Guaranteed the high level of personal hygiene and professionalism of all school food preparation workers
• Stored food in a sanitary manner and ensure that food spoilage is minimized through constant rotation
• Reported daily on transactions made, and kept a written record to be tallied at the end of every month

Food Preparation Worker
Bakery for U, Serafin, TX | 1/2004 – 8/2006

• Cleaned surfaces, refrigerators, freezers, cook stoves, ovens and microwaves
• Kept an inventory of all bakery products as well as raw materials, and ensured that all products were available at all times
• Ascertained that all bakery products were stored in a sanitary manner and handled food rotation activities
• Assisted in minimizing food wastage by ordering only as much as can be used each day
• Provided support in preparing baked products like cakes, pastries and different types of bread
• Assisted in ensuring that bakery products were ready each morning in a timely manner

High School Diploma – 2002
Serafin High School, , Serafin, TX