Food Expeditor Job Description

Updated on June 7, 2019

Position Overview

A food expeditor usually works in a restaurant or a hotel, where his or her main work is to ensure that food and beverage items are timely moved between the kitchen and tables.

It is the responsibility of the food expeditor to ensure that the right orders reach the correct tables.


Eligibility Criteria

In order to be considered eligible for a position as a food expeditor, you have to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent.

Prior experience in a food service capacity will make it easy for you to obtain this position.

Skills and Abilities

As far as skills go, you have to be an organized individual if you want to work at this position.

Working as a food expeditor means that you will be on your feet most of the day. Great attention to detail, along with the ability to multitask is required to work at this position.


Also, you must make sure that you possess excellent communication skills before you apply for this position.

You will not only be running to and from the kitchen when working as a food expeditor.

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Food Expeditor Job Description (Duties and Responsibilities)

• Obtain orders from waiters and hosts, and ensure that they are accurately delivered to kitchen personnel.

• Ensure that orders are being prepared according to timelines and keeping in mind the right priority.

• Assist chefs and kitchen assistants in making dishes so that orders are expedited.

• Follow up on placed orders to provide customers with delivery timelines.

• Check prepared orders to ensure that they are accurately portioned.

• Add garnished and finishing touches to prepared food items.

• Pick up prepared orders from kitchen counters and deliver them to customers’ tables.

• Communicate with wait staff in order to inform them where to deliver orders.

• Oversee the delivery of food items, intervening if incorrect delivery is about to be made.

• Plan and manage the order flow, ensuring a first come first serve priority.

• Oversee the condition of dishes before they leave the kitchen.

• Service as the main contact point for kitchen staff.

• Ensure that condiments stations are properly stocked.

• Attend to complaints regarding speed or quality of food, by following set protocols.

• Assist wait staff in presenting orders, especially during rush hours.

• Oversee the inventory of food items, ensuring low stock situations do not transpire.

• Provide support in setting up tables, by placing mats, eating utensils, and napkins.


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