Floor Staff Resume Sample

Updated on July 7, 2017

You can put everything in a floor staff resume and it can still backfire.


Well, the resume is a great hub of information but if it doesn’t provide the type of information that a hiring manager is looking for, it is worthless to him.

To see what kind of information should go into the resume of a floor staff member, refer to the sample below:




Floor Staff Resume Sample



Helen Adams

58 Pecan Point Road | Norfolk, VA 49301
(000) 965-8547 | helen.ad @ email . com


Recognized as a consistent producer driven to ensure that all patrons are provided with the highest level of services in accordance with restaurant guidelines.

Performance Profile
Service-oriented and methodical and competent individual with over 7 years of experience working as a floor staff in busy hospitality environments. Exceptionally talented in providing support to the wait staff, in ensuring delivery of excellent patron services.

Actively provides assistance to waiters and servers and ensures availability of all items such as condiments and napkins. Highly organized with exceptional leadership qualities, ability to coordinate activities between the frontend and backend to ensure delivery of on-time orders.

Professional Skills

✓ Standards Maintenance✓ Serving Assistance✓ Cart Handling
✓ Bussing✓ Inventory Checks✓ Payment Support
✓ Complaint Handling✓ Dishwashing Assistance✓ Food Preparation
✓ Bar Support✓ Cleanliness & Maintenance✓ Cash Register Handling


Key Accomplishments
• Retained a particularly miffed patron, who had been a victim of bad service by a waiter, by calming him down and providing him with exceptional services
• Bussed 45 tables on a particularly busy day at the restaurant
• Successfully manned the cash register for 3 days in the absence of the cashier
• Introduced a “clean as you go” policy, which resulted in a constantly clean restaurant, earning accolades from the manager


Pasta Bene, Norfolk, VA | 3/2015 – Present
Floor Staff
• Greet restaurant patrons and assist them in finding tables according to their liking
• Inform waiters about new arrivals, ensuring that they are provided with menus and food suggestions
• Relay orders to the kitchen area, ensuring that they are timely followed up on
• Provide assistance to servers in carrying food trays and platters to patrons’ tables
• Ascertain that the condiments cart / trolley is properly stocked, and place condiments on tables

City Restaurant, Norfolk, VA | 5/2012 – 3/2015
Floor Staff
• Pushed carts through the restaurant
• Picked up used tableware and linen, replaced them with fresh ones
• Assisted kitchen staff in handling food preparation and dishwashing duties
• Oversaw the cleanliness and maintenance of the restaurant area, ensuring that it was kept up to standards
• Ascertained that the inventory was kept up to date, providing regular updates to the manager

The Courtyard, Norfolk, VA | 2/2010 – 5/2012
Kitchen Hand
• Washed dishes and flatware, and ensured that they were properly dried and stacked
• Cleaned and sanitized surfaces such as floors and counters, in accordance with the restaurant’s cleaning policies
• Performed preventive and regular maintenance on kitchen equipment such as grills, fryers, cooking ranges and fridges
• Assisted food preparers by cutting and chopping meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables

St. Paul’s High School, Norfolk, VA | 2009
High School Diploma

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