Demolition Worker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 28, 2018


There is only one way to make your cover letter the best read – and that is if you write it after performing some research about what the company is looking for in an individual.

This way, you have a great chance of writing content that will present you as a great contender for the position that you have your heart set on.

Writing a Demolition Worker cover letter that covers all ends is not possible. But the good news is that you can come as close to it as possible.

By merely reading the job advertisement that a company has issued, you can determine what is required, and then write a cover letter according to those requirements. Many people decide not to write a cover letter at all, making it difficult for hiring managers to gauge what they are all about, by just going through a resume.

Do not do that – write your cover letter by going through the following sample for assistance:


Demolition Worker Cover Letter Example



July 28, 2018

Mr. Ross Andrews
Human Resource Manager
Creative Environmental Services
10 Unicorn Way
State College, PA 18256


Dear Mr. Andrews:

I was excited to see your posting for a Demolition Worker because it so closely matches my skills and qualifications.

The expertise with which I have handled demolition work over the last 5 years, can seem from the skillful way in which my projects have been handled. Because I have performed demolition work on both large and small-scale projects, I will be a great contender to be hired at your organization, ensuring that all assigned projects are carried out with proficiency, and professionalism.

With such vast experience in working as a demolition worker, I will be an instant credit to you. Aware of the fact that this work takes a lot out of an individual, I offer exceptional skills in meeting deadlines and ensuring that the work I do is well-performed. Choosing the right tools and equipment to perform different types and levels of demolition work is one of my main strengths. The ability to carry out core demolition activities ensuring that safety procedures are taken into account (instead, given high priority), is another. Handling asbestos abatement of facilities and components, and performing dedicated preventative maintenance on equipment and tools is all in a day’s work for me.

I will be happy to provide you with further insight into my suitability to work as a demolition worker at your company in an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.



Robin Mason

(000) 652-6323