Entry Level Dishwasher Resume With No Experience

Updated on: January 15, 2023
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Writing a resume for a dishwasher position, especially when you have no experience in hand may seem a little tough.

However, if you follow the rules, it won’t be such a problem.

Basically, you have to highlight how much you know about washing dishes, specifically in a restaurant.

A dishwasher resume should highlight the individual’s knowledge of washing dishes in a safe manner.

Since you will be working in a kitchen, it is imperative that you understand some kitchen support work as well. And this needs to go into your resume.

In order to build a good resume for an entry-level dishwasher position, when you have no experience in hand, have a look at the following resume sample:

Dishwasher No Experience Resume Sample

Rebecca Miller
310 Muller Street
Rock Springs, WY 77837
(000) 951-8546


A highly enthusiastic and resourceful dishwasher with a deep interest in working in a hospitality/food service environment, seeking a challenging role at ABC Company. Quick to learn. Strong interest in developing skills in the diverse kitchen assisting areas.

Graduated in 2022
Rock Springs High School, Rock Springs, WY
• Stood at the top of the class for 2 years in a row, owing to exceptional academic and co-curricular excellence.
• Represented the school in 3 nationwide football matches, two of which were won by the school.
• Chosen as the only student to represent the school in an international science fair held in Cleveland, OH.


Cafeteria Volunteer
Rock Springs High School, Rock Springs, WY
8/2022 – 1/2023
• Cleaned dishes and flatware by washing and sanitizing them.
• Set up cafeteria food display.
• Took orders from students and teachers and relayed them to the kitchen area.
• Assisted in preparing orders.
• Served orders in a timely and accurate manner.
• Cleaned tables and chairs.
• Ensured that condiments stands were properly stacked.
• Removed trash according to specified instructions.
• Cleaned and sanitized garbage cans.
• Maintained relationships with vendors in order to ensure the timely delivery of food supplies.
• Cleaned and prepared foods such as meats, cheeses, and vegetables.
• Placed clean dishes on tables.

• Dish Availability Assurance
• Dining Areas Resetting
• Equipment Maintenance
• Dishwashing
• Trash Management
• Workstation Setup
• Dishwasher Use
• Kitchen Sanitization
• Tableware Cleanliness
• Garbage Cans Sanitization
• Banquet Tables Setup
• Takeaway Meals Packing

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