Demolition Worker Resume Sample

Updated: July 28, 2018

A demolition worker works in a construction capacity, where his or her primary work is to make sure that assigned demolition tasks are carried out according to instructions, and in a safe manner.

The work of a person in this position can be quite challenging, as there are a lot of physical activities that need to be performed.

The job of a demolition worker is not easy as there may be a lot of danger involved, primarily when working with tools and equipment. And this is why it is essential to understand that working in this position is no walk in the park.

Demolition Worker Resume Tip

Your resume’s structure should be well-developed if you want it to make a positive first impression.

Here is how you can do this:


Demolition Worker Resume Example



Caleb Cohen
82 Hillview Road, Allentown, PA 97463
(000) 999-9999


Physically fit and agile individual with extensive experience working in a construction demolition capacity. Effectively able to handle a wide variety of demolition activities, with a special focus on safety, and timeliness. Adept at monitoring individual demolition phases, and performing customized remodeling activities. Proficient in performing asbestos abatement and cleaning activities, in accordance with specified protocols.

Abatement Tools Handling and Use Waste Management
Site Safety Excavation Facilitation Equipment Maintenance
Supplies Procurement Temporary Fencing Activities Structure Breaking
Debris Moving Drilling Generator Operations

• Successfully demolished a 4 level building, within the allowed time span of 6 hours.
• Implemented a core debris moving system, which reduced the time it took for the entire process by 65%.
• Introduced the concept of waste management, making it easy for demolition and construction workers to manage debris and other hazardous materials.
• Singlehandedly facilitated excavation workers on an archeological site, without harming any rare artifacts.


Demolition Worker
Newton Mast, Allentown, PA                                  2012-present
• Choose the right types of tools and equipment according to the specifics of each demolition project.
• Accurately measure the area that needs to be demolished, and mark it out.
• Clear work areas to ensure that no hazards are imminent at the workplace.
• Make appropriate use of drills, hammers, electrical saws, and other demolishing equipment.
• Cut and scrape asbestos, mold, and paint from surfaces, using the right type of materials.
• Ensure that safety sits are donned during demolition work, and make sure that work areas are evacuated.
• Perform daily equipment checks to ensure that it is in good working order.
• Identify and report any unsafe or potentially hazardous situation to the site supervisor.

Construction Worker
Al’s Construction Company, Allentown, PA                      2008-2012
• Cleared work areas to ensure that no debris or hazardous materials were present.
• Assisted construction workers by providing them with the right equipment and tools.
• Provided support in assembling scaffolding and sealing off work areas using plastic sheets.
• Cleaned work areas at the end of each shift, ensuring that proper waste management procedures were followed.
• Ensured that all tools and equipment were gathered, and placed in their assigned storage areas.

Allentown High School, Allentown, PA – 2009
High School Diploma

Demolition Worker Qualifications

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a demolition worker.

Previous experience in a construction capacity can go a long way in helping an individual obtain a position as a demolition worker.

Even if you had worked as a construction worker before, and not explicitly performed demolition work, your candidature will be given high consideration.

Physical agility is an absolute must for someone wanting to work in this position. Knowledge of using tools and equipment particular to demolition work is also important.

It is imperative for a demolition worker to understand the importance of safety, and carry out his or her work according to specified safety rules and regulations.

Demolition Worker Job Description

• Determine work processes needed to handle assigned demolition work, and make correlating preparations.
• Inspect site to determine the extent of work that is required to handle demolition activities.
• Create a list of tools, resources, and equipment that will be needed to perform demolition work.
• Acquire and use tools and equipment according to operating instructions, keeping safety as a priority.
• Perform asbestos abatement and cleaning activities, and assume responsibility for keeping work area clean and neat.
• Provide support in the demolition and deconstruction of building and structures, according to specified protocols.
• Assemble scaffolding, and seal off work area by using plastic sheets and duct tape.
• Cut and scrape concrete and asbestos, by making appropriate use of assigned tools and equipment.
• Ascertain that all safety measures are undertaken, and safety warnings are issues before the beginning of each shift.
• Perform waste management activities, aimed at ensuring that no hazardous materials are evident at the workplace.
• Handle preventative and regular maintenance on assigned tools and equipment, to keep them in good working order.