Judicial Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 28, 2018

The cover letter for Judicial Clerk position is a great way of telling a hiring manager that you are exactly what he is looking for in a new employee.

And to make sure that your status is changed from applicant to prospective employee, you have to make sure that you dress your cover letter in a way that it truly makes a mark.

Cover letter writing can be quite a fun thing to do. Imagine getting benefits for self-praising!

But cover letters are not all self-praise. They have to possess more information than that. In fact, they have to focus on what your capabilities are in relation to what a hiring manager is looking for. When this match is made, there is a great chance that you will be asked to come in for an interview – and then you can take it from there.

For a judicial clerk position, the following cover letter sample will suffice in helping you write one of your own:


Judicial Clerk Cover Letter Example


July 28, 2018

Ms. Willow Dalton
Human Resource Manager
West Virginia State Judiciary
20 15th Street NE
Charles Town, WV78343


Dear Ms. Dalton:

I have worked as a judicial clerk for over 2 years now and would like to offer the benefit of my expertise as one to the West Virginia State Judiciary. Positive of the fact that I will be a credit to your organization, I urge you to go through the enclosed resume.

Over the time that I have worked in a judicial clerk capacity, I have been actively managing pleadings, and administrative documents, keeping accuracy, completeness, and confidentiality as priorities. Overseeing different filing systems, and regulating access to filed documents have also been part of my work. As someone who can efficiently handle a wide variety of courtroom support functions, I have often been called upon to handle various tasks, mostly simultaneously – and I have managed to perform them with exceptional expertise and professionalism. With my capability to effectively respond to requests for information, particularly where sensitive data is concerned, I will be an instant “caretaker” of all case proceedings and related documents.

Positive that mutual dialogue between us will be equally fruitful for both of us, I will contact you soon to determine a meeting time and date. Until then, please feel free to call me if you have further questions regarding my suitability for a judicial clerk position.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.




Dakota Logan
(333) 333-3333