Top 12 Concrete Laborer Skills for Resume

Updated on: September 21, 2020

The central driving force behind Concrete Laborer cover letters and resumes are skills. In real life, you cannot do anything if you are not a skilled concrete laborer. In work life, things do not change much.

Hiring managers actively seek out people who have a certain skills set and can outperform other people, without needing constant supervision.

If you are in the process of writing a Concrete Laborer resume, do not forget to include a skills section in it. This will give you an edge over other candidates who have either forgotten to put one in or haven’t really paid much attention to what needs to go into it.

The skills section provides you with an umbrella when the rain of uncertainty falls – translate this into when the employer is unsure of who to hire as he has more than one suitable resume in his hands. By charting out your skills eloquently, you are doing yourself an immense favor.

How to write great skills in a concrete laborer resume?

Bullet points is the answer. Since resumes are long and arduous to read, it is best to make at least one section (all if possible) bulleted so that it can be read with ease and interest.

A few words depicting exactly how you are skilled and what you can do for the company using those skills are enough. Here are a few examples:


Sample Skills for Concrete Laborer Resume

  1. Highly skilled in maintaining a clean job site by handling site preparation activities in sync with provided directions
  2. Demonstrated expertise in setting up forms in which concrete is poured such as walkways, walls, and pillars
  3. Exceptionally well-versed in estimating concrete quantities and appropriate mixes of sand and cement
  4. Proven record of efficiently building and erecting various concrete foundations and structures
  5. Proficient in performing activities related to cutting and placing reinforcing wire mesh and handling rough leveling of concrete mixtures
  6. Completely adept at handling fine finishing work by performing floating, troweling, and edging duties
  7. Documented success in putting in place standards of safety to minimize work-related accidents and occupational hazards
  8. Deeply familiar with standard methods, materials, tools, and equipment used in concrete construction and maintenance
  9. Focused on monitoring the effects of heat, wind, and cold on the curing of concrete through the entire process
  10. Hands-on experience of applying sealants and hardening components to cure concrete surfaces and handling waterproofing duties
  11. Able to operate equipment such as power vibrators to handle compact concreting duties
  12. Track record of efficiently and accurately directing the casting of concrete to ensure conformance to leveling standards