Costco Cashier Cover Letter Sample and Guidelines

Updated: January 21, 2023

Working as a cashier at Costco requires you to have exceptional communication and customer service skills – and you have to show your skills through a cover letter.

This way, the hiring manager will know how well-versed you are in operating cash registers, and processing payments.

Technically, your cover letter is the key to obtaining a cashier position at Costco. You will need to highlight your skills in collecting payments, processing cards, and performing merchandising tasks as well.

Also, you must show your skills in answering potential questions about membership cards. Make sure that your cover letter depicts your knowledge of researching past prices and warranty information.

Experience in issuing refunds and assisting customers with membership applications and renewals should also be part of your cover letter.

In addition, your cover letter should highlight the fact that you are the best person to hire, because of your past experience in customer service and cashiering roles.

Costco Cashier Cover Letter Page Image

See the sample below to get ideas.

Costco Cashier Cover Letter Example

Jason Biller
(000) 874-6912
[email protected]

January 21, 2023

Ms. Katy Pinkett
Human Resources Manager
125 7th Street
Hobbs, NM 14254

Dear Ms. Pinkett:

I am enthusiastically applying for the Cashier position at Costco. I found out about this job opportunity through my friend who is working as a sales representative at Costco. I believe that I am a wonderful fit for the culture, work environment, and values that the company holds, thus allowing for a great focus on customer service.

As can be seen in the attached resume, I have extensive experience in customer service and cashiering arena. My desire is to put my skills and knowledge to use in a professional environment. Just so that you know a little more about my skills in this regard, I am listing my qualifications here:

  • Using computerized cash registers to process cash and card payments.
  • Assisting customers with Costco membership queries, and application processes.
  • Packing and bagging customers’ purchases.
  • Implementing and following cleaning and maintenance standards.
  • Handling merchandising and product display tasks.

Working as part of an energetic and enthusiastic group of people can bring out the best, which is why I am sure that I will be an asset to your organization. I have a creative mind, and can effectively organize cashiering and post-cashiering tasks such as drawer balancing, and bank liaison.

I hope to hear from you soon and obtain a chance to contribute value to your organization. If you need to contact me, please call me at (000) 874-6912.


Jason Biller

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