Animal Shelter Worker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: February 4, 2019

Writing a cover letter is challenging, especially when it is for an animal shelter worker position. Why?

Because not everyone is an animal lover, and only animal lovers can do justice to the job.

So it is up to you to convince the hiring manager that you are the right person to be hired at this position.

However, it is not usually easy to convince the recruiter that you are the best choice. Making sure that your cover letter is the best that the recruiter has come across is important.

How will that be?

By placing information on your skills in an animal shelter worker position, within the cover letter.

Your love for animals should be highlighted in your cover letter. If you do not show that, you will be considered any run of the mill candidate.

In addition, your knowledge of animal care work, such as feeding, grooming, and cleaning must be highlighted.

Here is a cover letter sample for an animal shelter worker position:

Animal Shelter Worker Cover Letter Sample

Dear Ms. Trickler:

I am an animal lover, and that reasons enough for me to be considered for an animal shelter position at Pets Alive. However, this is not the only reason that I deem myself a good hire. As a matter of fact, I am well-versed in many areas that are required from animal shelter workers. If you go through my resume, you will be made aware of the many ways in which I am a perfect fit.

Over the last 3 years that I worked as an animal shelter worker, I have been actively performing animal care duties. From providing animals with food, water, and personal grooming, to monitoring their behavior, I have done it all.

As an animal shelter worker, I offer exceptional skills in ensuring that their living spaces remain clean. Particularly, I am well-versed in performing sanitation duties, in order to ensure low chances of infection. Monitoring sick and quarantined animals to ensure their wellbeing is my niche.

Moreover, I am an expert in providing interested individuals with adoption methods, and licensing and vaccination information.

I can provide you with a more detailed account of my expertise as an animal shelter worker in a face to face meeting. Please contact me at (000) 635-7281.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Nathan Boones

Enc: (Resume)

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