Outreach Coordinator Job Description

Updated on: March 6, 2019

An outreach coordinator usually works for non-profit organizations, where his or her main work is to raise funds and connect people with the right resources.

Public relation is a huge part of working as an outreach coordinator.

Being an outreach coordinator is hard work. There is so much that one has to do in terms of developing strategic relationships, and fundraising.

Furthermore, an outreach coordinator has to possess exceptional communication skills. Marketing the organization’s objectives and goals is all in a day’s work for an individual working as an outreach coordinator.

Research is another area that an outreach coordinator has to handle. Collecting data and information for strategic use is something that you will be doing quite often.

In addition, you will be asked to perform administrative duties, such as event coordination, project management, and mass mailing oversight.

A list of duties for this position is provided below:

Outreach Coordinator Job Description

• Lead execution, analysis, and planning of fundraising activities.

• Build strategic relationships within the community.

• Create and implement diversified annual fundraising plans.

• Conduct activities such as event planning.

• Develop and implement programs for the cultivation and solicitation of donors.

• Identify relevant community events.

• Coordinate a program of activities such as social, learning, and well-being initiatives.

• Perform networking and marketing duties.

• Devise and implement public strategies to promote program objectives.

• Work toward reaching individuals and groups who are not actively involved in the community.

• Ensure that all programs are diverse and inclusive.

• Facilitate focus groups.

• Recruit, train, and oversee the work of volunteers.

• Promote awareness of organization’s programs and activities.

• Coordinate and communicate with external agencies in order to obtain important information.

• Prepare and submit project reports.

• Evaluate project measures, and document them appropriately.

• Create and implement social media marketing strategies.

• Handle data management duties.

• Connect company and people to resources.

• Facilitate appointments and schedules.

• Act as the primary link between company and external services or agencies.

• Screen donors in order to determine long term relationships.

• Keep in constant touch with grant participants.

• Seek outreach and community awareness opportunities.

• Collect and report information such as statistical data.

• Participate in developing and carrying out marketing and business plans.

• Coordinate with public relations coordinator in order to create program materials.

Outreach Coordinator Qualifications

Eligibility criteria to work as an outreach coordinator is a high school diploma or a GED equivalent.

However, previous experience matters, even if it is in a volunteer position.

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