Animal Care Worker Skills for Resume

Updated December 17, 2016

You think “skills” and what comes to your mind? What should come to your mind is how good you are. Resume writing for animal care worker position is never complete without mention of skills. How good you are is what decides if you will be an asset to the organization where you wish to work – or a liability. If you are skilled, you need to make it obvious to the potential employer.

The fact that the skills section is designed to come right after the resume summary, tells you that it has high importance. Your skills are what make you a good choice to hire. If you do not mention your skills, your chances of being hired go down significantly. If you do, you will be considered a better choice to hire than a candidate who hasn’t been foresighted enough to mention his or her skills.

In the good news department, skills are not difficult to write. If you are self-aware, you will know exactly what it is that needs to go into the skills section. As a candidate, you know yourself best and can easily create a list of your best qualifications and abilities for a position. And how will you do this? Here are examples of skills statements that you can place on a resume for an animal care worker:

Sample Skills for Animal Care Worker Resume

• Proven record of effectively looking after animals in shelters and facilities to ensure their physical and emotional wellbeing
• Highly experienced in observing animals’ appearances and activities for general physical conditions and obvious signs of illnesses
• Well-versed in handling cleaning and disinfecting activities, to ward off potential diseases and ailments
• Demonstrated expertise in restraining animals for check-ups and medicine administration, while ensuring that they remain comfortable and safe
• Proficient in determining the type and amount of food required for each animal under care, and effectively creating correlating meal plans to meet their nutritional needs
• Adept at washing, brushing and clipping animals’ coats to ensure that they remain clean and healthy
• Well-versed in providing treatment through mouth and IVs and contacting vets to secure treatments
• First-hand experience in up-keeping animal pens and stables by ensuring that they are sanitizes on a regular basis
• Focused on ensuring animal safety during transport between facilities by following set rules for animal care and transport
• Qualified to provide first aid to animals in instances of emergencies to ensure their safety and wellbeing
• Exceptionally talented in providing education to pet owners regarding the physical and emotional care of animals

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