Foundry Worker Skills and Qualifications for Resume

Updated on: November 26, 2020

As a foundry worker, there is nothing a recruiter wants more than your skills. Working in this position means that you can handle metal molding work. If you are skilled in all areas of this work, you will be considered the right person to hire.

And as far as resumes are concerned, it is essential that you highlight your knowledge of this work in a dedicated section.

Working as a foundry worker is a lot of hard work. Assembling flasks, using tools such as wrenches or tap screws is part of this work. And you have to be exceptional at it.

Developing and working with natural resources will also be part of your work. This information will need to be placed in your resume’s skills section.

Also, you must highlight that you are exceptional at cleaning casting and patterns and measuring out correct amounts of materials.

For this position, the following list of skills can be looked through for reference:

Sample Skills for Foundry Worker Resume

  • Highly experienced in packing sand molds and pouring molten metals into sand molds.
  • Skilled in applying mold coating, and packing sand molds.
  • Effectively able to measure out correct amounts of materials for furnace and loads charge.
  • Deeply familiar with skimming slag from the surface of molten metal.
  • Proven ability to clean casting and patterns.
  • Exceptionally talented in removing sand, castings, flasks, and other materials by hand.
  • Solid track record of assembling flasks by using tools, for example, tap screws and bolts.
  • Well-versed in watering and mixing sand, and shoveling sand into flasks.
  • Deep familiarity with spraying binder on surfaces of sand molds.
  • Proficient in using blowtorches in order to dry surfaces.
  • Adept at fitting together, and clamping and unclamping production line drag.
  • Unmatched ability to weigh specific amounts of materials.
  • Competent in skimming slag from the molten metal surface.
  • Able to install and remove steel jackets and bands.
  • Exceptional ability to break the sand mold from finished casting, by using hammers or bars.
  • Expert at sorting castings into a pair in order to correctly assemble them.
  • Able to clean castings and patterns.
  • First-hand ability to break up used sand mold by using tools such as bars and shovels.
  • Hands-on experienced in assembling molds, products, and machinery.
  • Talented in stoking and operating furnaces.
  • Ability to perform both preventative and regular maintenance on machinery and tools.
  • Excellent knowledge of operating ovens and furnaces in order to flux metal.

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