Animal Keeper Resume Sample

Animal Keeper Job Description

An animal keeper performs duties related to the care, welfare, safety, husbandry, and maintenance of native and exotic animals.

Writing an attractive resume for the position of an animal keeper is the most important task of your job application process. Our resume experts have created a compelling Animal Keeper Resume sample which will help you make your resume. You may also study this pet sitter resume which will give you a broad idea.


Animal Keeper Resume Sample



John Smith

25 New Wellington Street, Houston, TX 65217
(000) 524-8765 | [Email]

To obtain a position as an Animal Keeper with AA Company where a strong dedication to the total care of animals and a high degree of enthusiasm can be fully utilized.

• Over one year’s experience in animal keeping
• Highly skilled in caring for wild exotic and endangered animals in a zoological setting
• In-depth knowledge of observing animals to understand strange behavior and illness
• Profound ability to communicate in writing to maintain records, create reports and record observations of animal activities
• Proven record of handling animals in a protected and non-stressful way
• Substantial knowledge of following animal care procedures for feeding
• Thorough understanding of the physical, ecological and behavior patterns of wild exotic and endangered animals


Animal Keeper
City Zoo, Schnecksville, PA | Dec 2017 – Present
• Clean and maintain animals’ area
• Prepare food for animals
• Safely serve food to different animals
• Remove animal excrement
• Observe the behavior of animals
• Interact with zoo visitors and answer their questions

Animal Keeper
Lehigh Valley Zoo, 
Schnecksville, PA | Jan 2017 – Dec 2017
• Provided appropriate care, feeding, and reproduction services to wild and exotic animals
• Cleaned animal fields
• Trimmed and watered plants, replaced nesting and bedding material in keeping instructions
• Watched over animals for indications of illness, injuries or other strange conditions
• Measured and prepared food items for pets
• Maintained cleanliness conditions around feeding areas

High School Diploma
Schnecksville High School, Schnecksville, PA

Excellent professional references available

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