Animal Care Attendant Resume Sample

Updated on: March 30, 2018

What is a good resume as opposed to a bad resume?

There really is no such thing as good or bad where resumes are concerned. Some are readable and others are not.

That is it!

To see how you can write an Animal Care Attendant resume that is easily navigable, take a look at the following sample:



Animal Care Attendant Resume Example



Jessica Logan
913 Lymph Road, Seattle, WA 58652
(000) 698-2014
[email protected]


Compassionate, patient, competent, and well-organized individual, with an inherent love for animal welfare. Highly experienced in handling the general care and maintenance of shelter animals, ensuring their safety and wellbeing at all times.
• Proven ability to prepare food to meet the individual requirements of each assigned animal.
• Skilled in washing and disinfecting animal food and water bowls, according to specified protocols.
• Track record of effectively and efficiently cleaning stalls and feeding areas, by following strict sanitation rules.
• Deep familiarity with grooming animals, including brushing fur and manes, and hosing down during hot months.


• Animal Tending • Emotional Assistance • Cleaning and Sanitation
• Feeding and Grooming • Routines Maintenance • Behavior Evaluation
• Medication Administration • Records Management • Adoptions Assistance
• Animal Control • Isolation Techniques • Animal Transfers

• Suggested implementation of an adoption system, saving many animals from bleak futures in the pound.
• Devised a fool proof strategy to isolate infected animals from healthy ones, resulting in decreased incidents of breakouts.
• Implemented a novel medication administration method, which proved to be exceptionally efficient in administering medicines to scared animals.
• Introduced an animal behavior evaluation system, which was considered highly successful in determining and managing training methods required for each animal.


Animal Care Attendant
The Animal Foundation, Seattle, WA | 2013 – Present
• Receive animals at the facility, and check them for diseases or ailments.
• Provide owners / clients with information on their pets’ conditions, and inquire into their housing requirements.
• Create and maintain records of all animals within the facility, and ensure that they are updated periodically.
• House all animals according to their specific needs, ensuring that proper space and light is provided.
• Prepare food for assigned animals, and ensure that they are fed in a timely manner.
• Clean animals’ pens, houses, and fenced areas, ensuring that they are sanitized properly.
• Groom animals by bathing them, and brushing and shining their manes, furs, and tails.
• Monitor all assigned animals on a regular basis, and inform managers of any significant health or behavioral issue.

Animal Care Aide
The Animal Hospital, Seattle, WA | 2008 – 2013
• Assisted animal care assistants in handling or restraining animals in a safe manner.
• Washed and sanitized animal housing areas, on a regular basis, an in accordance with specified protocols.
• Fed animals according to their feeding schedules, and ensured that their water bowls remained filled.
• Assisted in the creation and maintenance of animal records, and ensured that proper updates were managed, as required.
• Provided support in handling animal exercise routines, by assisting in walking animals as per their schedules.

Olympia High School, Seattle, WA – 2005
High School Diploma